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November 1, 2019

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Clubs and Fall Festivals

What a Week!! Talk about exhausted. We have really done great things here this week to make Lincoln not only a place for learning but also a place for fun. One thing that many of you have talked about with me is your sadness that a lot of the "fun" has been sucked out of education from all the mandates (funded or otherwise) in our profession. While we always have a balance, this week at Lincoln was a win for infusing some more fun back into our school.

Thanks for everything that you all have done to make Lincoln the Best Place In Town!

Fall Festival 2019

October Clubs

Roaring Readers

Please collect October calendars and have all those students who met or went above and beyond their goal indicated on the spreadsheet by Monday afternoon. The link to the spreadsheet is:

Students will celebrate reaching or surpassing their October goal on Thursday, Nov 6 during the last 10-15 minutes of lunch. Tickets will be provided to students as usual.

Unify is Up!

Unify is back up and running. Ms. Sheppard has scanned the majority of nine-weeks assessments for students in grades 3-5. If you have yet to send your Unify answer sheets, please do so asap.

Standards work for November

This month we will be working on Craft and Structure for our ELA standard focus and Measurement and Data for math in grades 3,4 & 5. Please make sure that you have read the corresponding text in our standards books. Also check with your grade level's facilitating teacher this month for any other documents that you may need to bring for our meetings next week.

Major Kudos to our October lead teachers for your work last month. I think we are really working to tweak our work to make our standards work meaningful and supportive to our professional growth. I really enjoyed all the PLC meetings I attended last month and the faculty meeting for both math and ELA were fantastic.

United Way Update

Thank you to all who participated in the United Way Campaign. We had 67% participation here at Lincoln raising $1,592.00 for our community!

New Alarm on Doors on Middle doors facing Magnolia.

We have a new door alarm that will take effect on Monday morning. Anyone who enters or exits from the doors near the clinic will need to badge in and out....both directions. That door should never be propped open except during PK arrival/dismissal and during regular dismissal. The alarm will not sound during bus dismissal (3:15-4:30) if bus dismissal exceeds 4:30 (Let's all pray it doesn't) you will need to badge out and back in as the kids exit that door.

If you don't badge out or if the door is held open for an extended period, the alarm will sound in the hallway and in the office. This alarm has a 15 second period during which it will sound.

This alarm is an added safety measure to support our PreK students.

Upcoming dates

November 5

  • PLC ELA--Introduction to standard Craft and Structure--Grade Level Planning
  • Spark 3:30-5:00 Gym
November 6

  • PLC Math--Introduction to new standard--Grades 3,4 & 5 Grade Level Planning
  • Nurse Brandy out of the building- sub in clinic
November 7

  • Student of the Month Grades PreK
  • Roaring Readers October Celebration--Last 10 mintues of each lunch shift.
  • Ms. Farmer's Lego League 3:30-4:30
  • Nurse Brandy out of the building- sub in clinic
November 8

  • Visitors from ETSU Assembly (Morning)--Times and information forth coming
  • Visit from Jason Gordon from TBSP for audit--morning and visiting classrooms.
  • Spark 3:30-5:00--Gym.

Revisiting Lunch Times

We are noticing some significant back ups and delays in the cafeteria when people are not coming on time or too early to the cafeteria in addtition to departing the cafeteria. To address this we have adjusted times and have updated the "Lunch Schedule" tab in the master schedule. We will update individual grade times too on Monday.

Please remember that the older grade in a lunch shift need to arrive in the first in the 5 minutes allotted for that grade to enter the cafeteria. The younger grade should not arrive until the start of their time allowing the older students to get though the line. Pick up would be in the reverse. The older grade should be picked up at the end of their lunch time. All students in the older grade would then be out of the cafeteria when the younger grade teachers came to pick up their students. This would provide the cafeteria ten minutes between lunch shifts. Five of those ten minutes would have only one grade in and exiting and five minutes with no one in the cafeteria to finish set up/cleaning.

When people are off in arrival or dismissal it throws off everyone else. Thank you for setting a timer and being on time to drop off (not early or late) and to pick up.

Pre K Lunch 10:45-11:10 Pre K

A Lunch

11:10-11:35 3rd grade

11:15-11:40 2nd grade

B Lunch

11:50-12:15 5th grade

11:55-12:20 Kindergarten

C Lunch

12:30-12:554th grade

12:35-1:001st grade

Photo Opportunity to help our school

PTO and S. M. I. L. E. (a committee for teachers, lead by teachers) will be offering a Fall Photo Fundraiser Event. 15 minute sessions will be offered for $20. Payment due at time of session. ALL proceeds will be shared between

PTO and S. M. I. L. E

When? November 9th 9AM-11AM and 2PM-5PM. November 10th. 2PM-5PM. Rain date November 16th and 17th.

Where? Lincoln Elementary School Playground by the large oak tree.

How do I sign up? Sign ups will be announced digitally on our ALES Facebook page. The direct link is

Reminder Of A Resource To Refer Students For Support

We have several avenues that we use to identify students in need of academic and behavior support. Our universal screener, RTI meetings, and CICO data provide us with a great deal of information and opportunity to discuss students of extra support. Just in case it is needed, because you or your team of teachers are concerned about a student that has not been flagged in any of our other processes the link is connected to a form that can be used to help us identify a student that you feel needs assistance. It is also located in the shared Lincoln Drive at the bottom of the documents below the folders.

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