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Eastlake Middle School 8.13.18


We have survived the first round of heat! It is supposed to be equally hot this week. Stay hydrated and stay cool. Thank you for your patience with all of the events happening on campus. You were all rock stars at Open House. Here are a few key topics for the week...

A. FAC. Please make sure you submit any concerns to your FAC representatives. FAC representatives will communicate with you the details of our meeting this August 14th.

B. TSP. Don't forget: If you send a student with a special TSP pass, they should remain in the class for the duration of advisory.

C. Safety Drills. Great job everyone. Mr. Nafarrete will follow up with the staff during our first PD meeting on August 24th.

D. EduAbroad. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I can say. You were all magnificent.

E. PTSO Campaign. Thank you for passing out the membership forms. Please continue to encourage your TSP to participate and win the prizes mentioned in the flyer below. We will update the leader board shortly. Remember... it all comes back to us! Students who sign up online will get credit.

F. Rise Up will officially start on August 15th (Wednesday). In the meantime, please start letting us know of students of concern. We are going to review steps with the FAC on Tuesday. We will email referrals shortly and it will also be posted on the hyperdoc.

G. 504s. We are about to start our mass push for completing 504s. Please note that the APs will be extremely busy. We have emailed to the teachers being affected. REMEMBER: THIS IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT, please give its due attention.

H. Follow us on Twitter @EastLakeTritons!

I. Triton Awards! Start recognizing those great students of yours. Give them the shell award and have them find me at lunch or in my office for a treat. I always call their parents and it makes for great community building with your classroom. We will also start recognizing students weekly for the Triton Traits (In this case, Kindness). Go to the Hyperdoc to fill out a form and recognize an awesome kid for being kind.

J. Salute to Teachers and Tara Taylor. We hope to see you all out on September 15th in support of Tara Taylor. Click this link to purchase tickets. Way to go Tara!

As always, Go Tritons! If you have something that you would like me to share in the Triton Times, please let me know.

Hyperdoc Link

Click here to access the Hyperdoc for ELM.

Week At A Glance

  • August 13 – Cheerleading Team First Practice & Parent Meeting (3:45pm Pavilion)
  • August 14 – Coffee w/ Dr. Cooke (Library, 8:30am)
  • August 14 - Faculty Advisory Committee (Principal's Conference Room, 3:30pm)
  • August 14 - Cross Country Team’s First Practice (ELM Field, 3:30)
  • August 14 – PTSO Meeting (Library, 6:00pm)
  • August 16 – Cross Country Team Practice (3:30pm ELM Field) – Villegas/Johnston
  • August 16 – EastLake High School Open House

Down the Road

  • August 23 – DLI Parent Night (Pavilion, 6:00pm)
  • August 28-30 – Mrs. Fields Fundraiser Assemblies (TSP Classes, Pavilion)
  • August 31 – DLI Family Picnic (Mountain Hawk Park, 4:00pm)
  • September 5 - Progress Report 1 Grade Deadline (2:00pm Infinite Campus)
  • September 10 - Progress Resport 1 Distribution (TSP Classes)
  • September 14 - Annual Luau

PTSO Contest

Nominate a Sweetwater Star!

Do you know a Triton Staff member doing great things? Let's recognize them at the district level by clicking on this button.

Help Our Student and Our School

We are having a great contest through our TSP classes for the month of August. We have some great incentives for the classes. We also have some surprises coming up for parents!
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Mandatory Online Training

Please make sure you complete these trainings!

Purple Pride!

Moments from Open House

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Kindness Idea

Ms. Miller shared a great idea for promoting kindness. She took a few minutes out of her class to ask students to brainstorm on being kind. Way to go!
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A Message from our Assistant Principals!

Dr. Shannon Chamberlin and Mendel Nafarrete

We ask for your cooperation in reviewing 504 plans. We will be reserving time to call in teachers for a few minutes for the 504 planning period. As a reminder, we are all responsible for the 504 and we must give the 504 its proper attention. Thank you for your consideration.

Mission Statement

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Core Beliefs

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PTSO - We need your help!

Staff... please consider joining this worthy program on campus. They are here to help us. Let's show our support them.
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