Holland Middle School

AM Parent Drop Off

Double Whammie!!!!

There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow morning, as well as, we have our 2nd ski trip tomorrow afternoon. Independently these two scenarios correlate with greater traffic during morning drop off. Tomorrow they will be occurring at the same time. Please plan accordingly!

As a reminder, Ski & Snowboard Club participants are not allowed to transport their snow sports equipment on school buses. As mentioned in our parent meeting and subsequent correspondence please drop your children off with their equipment between 7AM and 7:35AM as to not disrupt normal parent drop off. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on these time frames!!!!

Additionally, we are requesting that ALL parents adhere to the prescribed parent drop-off loop and not make a left to cut through the parking lot to merge back into the drop-off line. In the near future stanchions will be in place to prohibit cars from doing so during high traffic times, but in the mean time we would appreciate your cooperation to this end. The safety and security of students and staff crossing the walk way is our number one priority!

Thank you!