Tobacco is ending the world

by Luis Rodriguez and Luis Reyes

Why tobacco is dangerous?

Tobacco has something called tar, it gets stuck in smokers lungs and will never get out. Tobacco also includes nicotine, arsenic, methanol, ammonia,and methane. All the these substances are harmful for your body. Tobacco also makes your lungs black and it is very difficult to breath. You may also get Lung Cancer or pneumonia.

Physical and social affects of smoking

Your physical health is very important. Smoking really affects your physical health. Smoking may cause things like Lung Cancer and pneumonia. Your teeth may rot and turn black. It may also Bronchitis. it also mat cause poor cause. Your social life is also affect by smoking. People will not want to be near you because you smoke and smell bad. Some people will not want to be your friend anymore. Others may lose trust in you. You might also miss important moments or events because you go smoke.

Ways that smoking affects your mental/emotional health

Since most of your friends will not want to be near you, you will probably feel lonely and sad. You will might even think of suicidal thoughts.