Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Providing the very best for your eternal rest

Funeral Director: Charone Sexton

Providing all of your needs for the final cares of you and your loved ones

We have a wide variety of services including assistance in pre-planning a funeral, choosing a casket or urn, finding tombstone suppliers and much more. We are available 24/7 for all of your needs and encourage your questions and comments. Please feel free to stop by for a tour of our facility and an overview of our services. Meet our funeral director and browse our wide selection of caskets and urns. We coordinate funeral services with many cemeteries and crematories as well as churches and other religious parties. Ask to see a breakdown of our services and fees which are always available upon request.

Put yourself at ease with our funeral planning assistance for

We have a full line of caskets and urns available with a wide price range to fit your budget

From simple to elegant, we have many options for caskets, urns and other burial accessories. We also have partnered with companies to offer biodegradable wooden boxes as well as natural "green" caskets and coffins. These are made from all natural materials such as banana leaves, wicker and wool. Our natural wooden coffins are suitable to Orthodox Jewish burials.

We are a full service funeral home. We stive to make the wishes of you or your loved ones a reality with compassion and care.

We can help you understand more about obtaining a death certificate, organ donation, writing an obituary, who to call first after the death of a loved one, deciding between burial or cremation, choosing a full service funeral, graveside service or direct burial and more. We also offer help finding grief counselors in your area.

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