Emmeline Pankhurst

Fantastic Females By : Zack Bayer

Born on July 14, 1858 in Manchester, England, Emmeline Pankhurst was a British political leader who helped women in there conquest to get the right to vote as well as founding The Woman's Social and Political Union

Emmeline Pankhurst Accomplishments

Pankhurst abandoned her suffrage activities and dedicated herself to support for the war. Before the war was over, however, she resumed her interest in women's issues, traveling to Canada for seven years of lecture tours on behalf of the National Council for Combating Venereal Disease

Quotes of Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst was a key role to the sucess of women , she beleived in them and led a uprising against men for equality

Womans Social and Political Union

The exclusive focus of the WSPU on votes for women was another hallmark of its militancy. While other organisations agreed to work with individual political parties, the WSPU insisted on separating itself from – and in many cases opposing – parties which did not make women's suffrage a priority. The group protested against all candidates belonging to the party of the ruling government, since it refused to pass women's suffrage legislation.