Mrs. Teran's Mustang News

Our 1st Six Weeks

Our first six weeks of First Grade has come to an end. Your babies aren't looking like babies any longer, and their brains are getting sharper too. I am hoping they had as much fun as I did! (Although I think I worked harder than they did ;) )

Motor Lab

What is that anyway?

Motor Lab is a place the kids go to twice a week for 20 minutes at a time. They get to work on fine motor skills and gross motor skills. All the things we learned as a kid by climbing trees, making mud pies, sewing on a button, and sorting pinto beans (sorry, maybe that was just me) helped us grow muscles that help with our gross (big muscle actions) and fine (small muscle actions) motor skills. Come to find out, all of that is necessary to help us be successful students! Here are some pictures of our kids at Motor Lab.
Mary Jumping on the Trampoline
Samuel doing Dome Cones

Reading Buddies

Who are they?

Our Reading Buddies are Mr. Rhine's 3rd grade class. We read with them every Friday afternoon right after CAMP. We only get 10 minutes with them, but we always enjoy our time with them. We take turns reading in each other's rooms. When they come to our room, we get to practice our "host" skills. When we go there, we learn to leave our shyness at home. Not only are we reading, but we feel "cool" to hang out with 3rd graders!
Xaria and Maddison

Reading Workshop

What did we learn?

We learned how to read with partners. We sit side-by-side, the book right between us, both of us holding the book, and we decide how we are going to read the book. Ask me the different ways my partner and I can read a book.
Raymond and Madison

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