Google Apps @NSWDEC is here!!

Get ready to transform your teaching & learning!!


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What is Google Apps?

Google Apps for Education is a rich set of web applications that at its core includes website creation, collaboration, document editing and shared calendars. Google Apps for Education provides an environment for students and staff to work with a set of customizable services. Best of all, these tools are available anytime, anywhere there is Internet Access.$$/it/learnsyssupport/googleapps/index.htm

Watch these NSWDEC videos to learn more:

Accessing Google Apps
Digital Citizenship and Google Apps
Google Apps: a brief introduction to key applications

To find out more:

Click here to go to the Google for Education Training Centre.

Connect with other NSWDEC educators!

Click here to join the GoogleApps @DEC community

No Pressure ....... when you are ready..

I encourage you to login to the portal and activate your Google Apps account. Have a tynker with the suite of apps available when you have a spare few minutes and explore some of the tutorials. I will organise some PD sessions for anyone who is interested once we have all settled into the new year.

Happy Googling:-)