Preventing Accidents In Kitchen

Techniques to prevent accidents in the kitchen

Prevent accidents in the kitchen

Don't cut yourself with very sharp knifes.

Watch what you are doing when washing dishes too.

Techniques to prevent accidents in the kitchen

  • Store knives and other sharp objects in a safe location. If you have children in the home, you need to designate a safe area for dangerous kitchen items. Make a habit of returning these items to their safe spot. Never leave knives on the counter or in reach of young children. It also goes without saying that ANY kitchen chemicals (liquitabs, Flash, Finish Quantum, etc.) should be kept out of reach from children.Establish kitchen rules for your children. Set up some ground rules for when you are cooking to avoid kitchen accidents. You can either tell your children that they are not allowed in the kitchen when you are cooking or you can designate an area of the kitchen where children can be. Be consistent with your rules and your children will take you seriously.Be proactive about keeping your kitchen clean and uncluttered. This will prevent kitchen injuries.
    • Clean your stove and oven after use when cooled. Debris on burners or in the oven can catch fire, especially grease and fat. Do not wipe a burner while it is on or still hot.
    • Wipe up spills on the floor. Spills may cause you to slip and fall.

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