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30 Day Challenge to LEAD CONSULTANT

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Need a extra push???

Are you a ESCENTIAL or CERTIFIED Consultant and need a little push to get to the next level. Here are 30 challenges. (one per day) to help you get there.

Right now during the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to PROMOTE!! You can do this!!!

Here are the Qualifications to make Lead:  1 active recruit  1,000 TWV (Team Wholesale Volume) You and your recruit together.

30 Days, 30 Challenges Over the next 30 days complete one of these challenges each day.

1. Revise or create your list of 100

2. Go through your list of 100 and choose 10 people to invite to do a party or begin their Scentsy Family journey 3. Put together 5 Hostess Packets

4. Book 4 parties during the month of November (Basket parties included)

5. Put together 10 join packets

6. Post on Facebook about Turkey Trot

7. Put together 5 welcome packets

8. Make 50 samples (depending on your molds, this would be equivalent to 2 bars)

9. Hand out 5 catalogs

10.Pass out 10 samples

11.Contact 10 customers for reorders

12.Contact 5 customers to promote Christmas Special

13.Find 10 people to participate in Turkey Trot

14.Post on Facebook something about how you got into Scentsy and why you are passionate about it.

15.Ask someone who participates in the Turkey Trot to join

16.Mail out 5 join packets to friends/customers

17. Hand out 5 catalogs

18. Pass out 10 samples

19. Share the Scentsy Family Opportunity with 5 people

20. At the close of each party offer the party to your hostess and explain the Scentsy Opportunity

21. Send or hand out 5 fundraiser packets to business and organization

22. Schedule your own Open House and promote Christmas Special

23. Display a warmer at your desk at work

24. Hand out 5 catalogs

25. Pass out 10 samples

26.Find a holiday boutique to participate in or create your own holiday boutique

27.Post on Facebook about Christmas Special (You can’t describe your specials on Facebook, you can only post “Contact me about my Christmas Special”)

28.Hand out 5 catalogs

29. Pass out 10 samples

30. Celebrate promoting to Lead!!! Congratulations!