Monday Message

News from Mrs. Hilcher- Principal of Grapevine Elementary

Week of August 28 - September 1

We had a wonderful first week at Grapevine Elementary! We welcomed over 520 GES Stars to the new school year and enjoyed every second of it! Teachers and staff incorporated many 'getting to know you' activities and provided fun opportunities for students to learn class procedures. We ended our week with a campus-wide assembly in which we celebrated a wonderful week and reviewed some campus expectations. Our staff likes to have fun and we shared a little bit of that with our students with a minute-to-win-it challenge. Be sure to ask them about the cookie face game! Again, thank you for the many ways you supported your students' first few days. We look forward to a wonderful 17-18 school year with our entire GES community!

As a reminder, each visitor who enters the building should ring the doorbell and be given access by a member of our staff. As polite as it is, opening doors for others who are at the doorway could pose a safety and security concern. We appreciate your cooperation.

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Parent Information Night

Grapevine Elementary Parent Information Night (formally Curriculum Night) will be held on Thursday, August 31 from 6:00-7:00pm. We will offer two information sessions in your child's homeroom classrooms: 6:00-6:30pm and 6:30-7:00pm. You may choose whichever session is most convenient for your schedule. If your third, fourth or fifth grader has two teachers, they will present their sessions together in an effort to keep you fully informed. Signs will be posted on homeroom classroom doors directing you to the session location.

These sessions will help you learn more about:

  • LEAD 2021 strategies
  • Goal setting
  • Daily schedules
  • Communication
  • Unique grade-level events

If you are a parent of a GT student, Mrs. Maddux will be hosting a GT Parent Information Night from 7-7:30pm in the GES learning commons/library on Thursday, as well.

We look forward to seeing your family on Thursday night!

GES Clubs Information

We are excited to share a variety of club opportunities with our GES Stars again this year. In an effort to give student club information in a concise manner we have included a short synopsis of each offering with applications and/or permission form links. Please take the time to review and discuss the club options with your child and encourage them to participate in a club that interests them. Please be aware that several clubs meet on the same days and students will need to make a choice regarding which clubs they would like to participate in most.

Please use THIS LINK to access information about all the opportunities for our Stars this year. Links are provided for applications under each description. *Please note the grade levels and individual application due dates for each specific club.

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Rainy Day Dismissal Procedures

With Hurricane Harvey making its way across Texas, we are anticipating rain in the coming days. If it is lightning, and/or raining hard, we will implement a rainy day dismissal.


All walkers will be dismissed to their usual walker locations even on rainy days.

  • 1st-5th grade students who walk north (toward the Hazy Meadows crosswalk) will be dismissed through the picnic table areas at the front of the school.

  • PreK-5th grade students who walk south (toward the Hughes crosswalk) will be dismissed through the front foyer doors.

  • 3rd-5th grade students who walk/bike out the back of the building will still exit through the back foyer doors.

If the conditions are not safe for students to exit the building, then all dismissal will be halted until it is safe for students to exit. If you wish to pick up your walker in a car on rainy days, please call the front office to notify your child’s teacher prior to 2:30pm or email your child’s teacher prior to 1:00pm.

Car Riders

All car riders will be held inside the building on rainy days and proceed to their usual car loops as names are called.

  • PreK-2nd grade students and their older siblings will be held inside the K-2 hallway and exit through the picnic table area and proceed directly to their cars when their name is called.

  • 3rd-5th grade students will be held in the gym and exit through the gym doors directly to the back car loop when their name is called.

If your child is a car rider, please DO NOT walk up to the building and attempt to pick up your child on rainy days, as this slows down the dismissal process. If you plan to park in the back parking lot and walk up to get your child, you will need to call ahead of time and make arrangements for your child to be dismissed with the walkers.

GT Information

ATTENTION GT LEAD FAMILIES! This year GES GT LEAD information night will be a part of our GES campus information night. We will meet on August 31 from 7:00-7:30 in the library. If your family is new to GT LEAD this year, I would highly encourage you to come. For those of you who are already familiar with GT LEAD, I do have a few updates to share. If you can not make it to our information night, I will also be posting the presentation on my website for your viewing convenience. -Mrs. Maddux


Our awesome PTA could use your help! There are a variety of ways you can support GES at home and here on campus. Sign Up to Volunteer Here! If you have been volunteering for GES already, please be sure to Log Hours Here.

We also have several board positions still open for this school year. Please note that there is no experience necessary! The following positions are available:
Carnival Auction
Bank co-chair
Star bright Express

To find out more information about any of these positions contact Karen Fyda (

National College Colors Day is Friday, September 1st!

Since National College Colors Day is Friday, September 1st, students are invited to wear either a shirt supporting their favorite high school - Grapevine High School or Colleyville Heritage High School (in honor of the first football game) or a college shirt/colors. We can't wait to see students supporting their favorite teams!

Counselor's Corner

Happy 2017-2018 school year! I am excited to meet new faces and families, and looking forward to being reunited with my GES Stars from last year! Please feel free to find out more information regarding the GES Counseling program and how to contact me further at Grapevine Elementary Counselor's Corner. You can also contact me via email at

Art Contest Opportunity

The Trinity River Authority of Texas’ 3rd Annual Art Contest is in full swing. They are calling all 1st through 8th graders from DFW counties to get creative and send in their artwork. This year’s theme is “Water Worth Saving.” They will be accepting entries until Friday, Sept. 29 at 5p.m. Winners will receive prizes and be invited to attend a public meeting at TRA. If you have any questions, please email or call (817) 467-4343.

GES Lunch Times for 17-18

Pre-K - 10:20-10:50am

Kindergarten - 10:20-10:50am

1st grade - 10:50-11:20am

2nd grade - 11:50-12:20pm

3rd grade - 11:20-11:50am

4th grade - 12:10-12:40pm

5th grade - 12:35-1:05pm

Birthdays at GES

Birthdays are special! Student birthdays may be recognized in the classroom at the end of the day. Birthday celebrations may not be conducted in the cafeteria while meals are being served. If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, we recommend the following: donate a book to the library in your child’s name or choose a new pencil or cool eraser for each student in your child’s class. Due to the high number of students with food allergies, we are not allowed to celebrate birthdays with any food items. Birthday sweet treats or snacks will no longer be served. Flowers, balloons, etc. for students should not be delivered to the school (per the handbook). These will not be brought to the classrooms and cannot go home on the buses. So please reserve these type of gifts for home.

Students may distribute birthday party invitations only if they include the entire class. If every student in the classroom is not receiving a birthday party invitation, invitations will not be distributed at school. In this case, parents are encouraged to use the PTA directory to send invitations in the mail.

GCISD Has a New App!

Did you know that GCISD has a new app? Be sure to download the app so you can easily stay connected and navigate easily to information pertaining to your student(s) and GES!

The following link will take you to a launch page that has screenshots of what the app looks like and functionality that all users can anticipate:

Things to Know

  • If you need to make changes to afternoon transportation for your child, please call the front office before 2:30pm. If you know the day before, please email the homeroom teacher and our Student Data Secretary, Jessica Rickman ( We don't want to miss a message while our teachers are instructing students.

  • All GCISD campuses will be participating in emergency management drills within the first ten days of school. This will give us the opportunity to teach our students procedures and expectations for these throughout the school year.

  • GES PTA needs YOU! Our goal is to have a membership for every student, so please join and encourage your relatives! Dues are $10. #joinGESPTA

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Morning Arrival:

  • Students are expected to be dropped off at the school no earlier than 7:15 unless enrolled in KidzU's before school care.

  • Parents may use the front OR the back driveway to drop students in the morning. Parking is NOT available in the front driveway of the school until after 7:45am. Please park in the back parking lot and walk your student in through the back doors.

  • Student drop off is not permitted in the parking lot at any time.

  • GES staff will supervise students in the gym (3-5) and cafeteria (PreK-2) from 7:15am until the first bell rings at 7:35am-when they are dismissed to their classrooms.

  • All GES students will walk independently down the instructional hallways to their classrooms.

  • Students must be in their seats in their classrooms at 7:40am or they will be counted as tardy.

Afternoon Dismissal:

  • All students will be escorted to their dismissal locations by a staff member. Please do not arrange to meet your child in the foyer, work room or library after school.
  • Students have designated pick up areas depending on their mode of transportation home. KidzU, bus riders, and daycare bus riders will be escorted to the cafeteria. Car riders and walkers have set locations outside the building that their teachers will escort them to, as well.
  • Walkers will meet their siblings, neighbors and/or walking parents and quickly proceed to the crosswalk nearest their homes. Walker Station areas should be cleared out within minutes of dismissal.
  • 1st-5th students walking to the northern crosswalk (Hall Johnson & Hazy Meadow) will be dismissed from the picnic table area only.
  • 1st-5th students walking to the southern crosswalk (Hall Johnson & Hughes) will only be dismissed from the area near the front entrance to the school only.
  • Pre-K and K students walking home will be dismissed from the front entrance only.
  • Student pick up is not permitted in the parking lot at any time. Parents are asked to meet their students and escort them across the back cross walk.
  • Friendly reminders: dogs are not allowed on campus grounds due to student allergies; the small playground is reserved for KidzU until 6:30pm Monday through Friday.
Thanks for your cooperation as we ensure the safety of all of our students!

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, 8/31 Parent Information Night (6-6:30 or 6:30-7pm); GT Parent Night (7-7:30pm)

Monday, 9/4 Labor Day holiday - no school!

Friday, 9/8 GES spirit wear order forms & payment are due!

Thursday, 9/21 PTA meeting & back to school dinner

Friday, 9/29 GES Bank

Volunteer Requirements

In order to volunteer at GES, or around GCISD, all volunteers must:

  1. read the Volunteer Handbook (this replaces the previous face to face volunteer trainings held on campus)
  2. watch the appropriate video included in the handbook
  3. electronically sign the verification Google form for each campus you plan to volunteer
  4. complete the volunteer background check. A link is included in the handbook.

The following link takes you to the online Volunteer Handbook and background check:

When you are ready to volunteer at GES, feel free to call the front office at 817-251-5735 to verify that both of the required steps have been recorded as completed. We appreciate your support as you complete these steps and volunteer to work with our GES students.

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