School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Workshop Meeting

2019-2020 Budgets for LCTI
Dr. Thomas J. Rushton, Executive Director

2019-2020 Budgets for CLIU
Dr. Elaine E. Eib, Executive Director
Lucille K. Gallis, Director of Business Services

2019-2020 Budgets for LCCC

Dr. Ann Bieber, President,
Mr. Vance E. Powers, Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services
Mrs. Roberta Marcus, Trustee

A summary of all three budget entities can be found here.

Regular Meeting

Jason Henry, Secondary Curriculum Supervisor at Parkland School District, was recognized as one of 31 ambassadors in the Pennsylvania STEM Ambassador Program, which aims to shape the future of STEM education in the Commonwealth by targeting vital policy conversations to legislative leadership in the areas of STEM Learning ecosystems, computer science, state and federal policy for formal and informal education, and workforce needs.

Parkland School District has been embracing STEM education for the last eight years under the leadership of Jason Henry. In those very first years, the Parkland Education Foundation supported an idea for a STEM Summer Academy. The Foundation continues to financially support the STEM Summer Camps and continues to be one of the strongest advocates of STEM education. The district has grown from hosting STEM summer camps to the integration of STEM across content areas. Teachers have grown to understand that STEM can be embedded across the curriculum. We have focused on the skills needed for future employability. Supporting these skills in the classroom, a team of teachers (STEM team) conducted professional development on inquiry-based learning. This same team also created a “Parkland Problem Solving” design model that all content teachers can refer to during inquiry-based lessons. As a result, the number of awesome STEM learning experiences that Parkland teachers have brought to the classroom are too numerous to count. The Parkland culture has embraced STEM education over the last eight years. From Middle School STEM Expos, our Parkland High School Project Lead the Way courses in Biomedical Science, Computer Science and Engineering, STEM clubs, STEM Competitions, STEM Summer Camps, Makerspaces in every building, and business partnerships, we are proud of the many ways we infuse STEM into every day learning in all classrooms, K-12.

LCTI report:$file/LCTI%20JOC%20Meeting%20of%20022719.pdf

PBS and WFMZ came out to support the groundbreaking event for the new Welding Center.

Rob Cohen and Lisa Roth did not approve payments to any Cyber Charter Schools to illustrate their disgust at funding the under performing schools with tax dollars.


Jef Reyburn recognized Lori Seier for balancing the Food Service budget and making money that allowed her to make some purchases to upgrade equipment this evening for the school cafeterias.

Board members congratulated Jason Henry for his recognition and the rest of the team that have supported STEM education over the last 8 years (teachers, the Education Foundation, Administration).

Rob Cohen reported that he attended the Cultural Diversity Committee Meeting this week where a Palestinian civil war refugee presented his life story that eventually led him and his family to the Parkland School District. His amazing journey was much appreciated by all of the members of the committee. The committee meets quarterly and includes diverse faith and cultural leaders, teacher and administrative representatives. Presenters speak about cultures and traditions that are celebrated in our community that we may not be aware of. He stated that the committee helps to foster an understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others.

Bob Bold spoke about LCTI Electronics Lab student-made buttons that allow children with disabilities to operate toys. The buttons were made by 3D printers and it was wonderful to see how the student-made adaptation can change lives in a positive manner.

Next Meeting is Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at 7 PM.