1984 FreeWrite

By: Faith McDaniel

" we shall meet in the place where there is no darkness"

In this book, it is impossible to have an opinion. Freedom really isn't an option. If you want to share your personal thoughts, you are taking a risk to be killed. The only real freedom that exist, is the freedom that you dream to have. Winston really could only reflect on his future and past through dreams, because he wasn't allowed to express how he felt out loud. One thing that the government cannot break is your "dream state". Winston's idea of "no darkness" (as well as other people living in the society) is breaking free from not being able to love, laughter, courage, and the joy of living. Also, being able to do whatever they want without surveillance watching them.

In this Society(and also how I feel), darkness is everywhere. Peace is gone, and war has arrived for everyone. Everyone is being brainwashed by society to all think the same, and compromise on things they know is wrong. Sometimes " no darkness" means being alone, because as soon as you step out of the room, darkness comes again. Breaking free is very important. Privacy doesn't exist anymore. Now a days, all someone has to do is google you to find everything about you. That is an examples of darkness. If you don't want to find darkness, go in a quiet place alone, and think.