Freshman Humanities!


What did we learn this month?

We learned many things in March. The month started off with Revolutions Projects. We learned how to present in a professional manner. Next, we moved onto Lord of the Flies, by William Golding! It was a wonderful book about a bunch of kids that got trapped on an island, where their imaginations got the best of them. We connected the book to the French Revolution, which was the main focus of our unit. We learned about everything leading up to the revolution, including the Great Fear, all the way through the Reign of Terror, and ending with Napoleons reign.

Revolutions Projects, and Recipes!

We started on a Thursday, and ended on a Tuesday. There were many presentations ranging from ITunes, to Submarines, to Jackie Robinson! Each presentation was about eight to ten minutes long, and each was packed with information! What a week! We also did projects called "A Recipe for a Revolution", where each group was assigned to a modern revolution. They had to find out information about their country and list ingredients It was so much fun!

Some Pictures of the Projects!

We even had a Bread Feast, inspired by the French Revolution!!

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Lord of the Flies

Each person read Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding in 1959. It was a very suspenseful book, which was hard to put down! We had a number of activities for the book, which included stations, and Bottle Heads! Each person had to bring in a bottle, and art materials. That class, we transformed our bottles into Lord of the Flies characters! we had to put objects inside to bottle that represented the character inside. What a day!

French Revolution

The French Revolution was an amazing, and fearful, time for the French people in the 1970's. Our Humanities class knows this because we learned a lot about it. We started with the period before the revolution, and with Louis XVI. We learned about the storming of the Bastille, and the bread march to Versailles, all through the revolution and ended with Napoleon We performed skits inspired by the revolution, made posters, and even watched a video about it. We had a Socratic seminar where we had to read Robespierre's speech to the public, and connected it to modern day. Bien!
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In Conclusion...

Overall, we had a very fun, and educational filled month. We are leaving March with our heads full of Revlutions and books, and are heading into April with open minds and ready to learn more! It will be a challenge for Mrs. Aubin and Ms. Joy to beat March!