Gluten Free Summer Camp

Opportunities For Celiac Disease

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to help every child, with this disability. We will have diffrent activities for everybody to have fun and get to know eachother well.

We care and help every child with this disablitiy

Important Facts

*Bring: Enough clothes for monday-friday

Our camp will be free for the childrens needs, There will be free food and drinks, We will sale shirts for $5, Come and learn things while you have fun. This is the place you want to be at for summer.



- 7.25am-8.00am (Breakfast)

- 8.10am-9.30am ( 1st Period)

-9.37am-10.38am (2nd Period)

-11.01am-12.34pm(3rd Period)

-12.38pm-1.37pm (Lunch)

-1.37pm-2.35pm (Field)

-2.38pm-4.00pm (Movie Time)

-4.12pm- 5.38pm (Activities)

-5.40pm-6.58pm (Dinner)

-7.45pm- All Night ( Sleep)