Amelia Earhart

Her Hero's Journey

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223 N Terrace St,
Atchison, KS 66002
Amelia Earhart was born at the above address on July 24,1897
As a child, Earhart's parents had many issues financially in the beginning years of Amelia's life, and they relied on her grandmother for help. Earhart was involved in many sports unlike other girls at the time such as basketball, baseball, and football. As a child Earhart expressed her interest in flying by trying to build an airplane out of wood, and saw her first airplane at the age of nine.

As a Teenager

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Amelia with her First Plane

A Yellow Kinner Canary biplane

When Earhart was a teenager, WWI had started to take place. Amelia Earhart decided to leave school and and volunteer as a Nurse aid. While she worked as a nurse she was able to see soldiers practice with airplanes, and once she went back she decided to take flying lessons from Neta Snook.

Soon after her lessons, Earhart decided to buy her own plane for $2000 and got many jobs to pay it off. It was a Kinner Airster Biplane.

Her Achievements in Aviation

In Amelia Earhart's life she was the first for most of her accomplishments. When she as given a surprise ride across the Atlantic ocean as a passenger, she was the first woman to fly across the ocean. When she flew to visit her father and then flew back she was the first woman to fly across the the country there and back. Earhart wanted to make sure that woman were acknowledged in the field of aviation.

In addition to what she accomplished above, she also set a new speed record and altitude record. She also later flew across the Atlantic ocean solo, however she did run into some issues during the flight.

In her life time Earhart earned at least 44 medals and had set many records.

Her hero's Journey

When she was 36 she spoke at a conference, Woman and Changing The World, and she gave such a great speech that Purdue University offered her a Professorship there as a career counselor for women. While working there she was able to find out that 92% of the 800 girls at the university wanted a job in a male dominating field.
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Many just remember Amelia Earhart as a famous american aviator, but what many fail to remember is that she was also heavily involved in woman's rights. Being one of few woman in the field of aviation made Earhart realize how important it was for her to be a role model to encourage women around her.

Her heroism was recognized by at least 44 medals, the most famous one being the Distinguished Flying Cross that specifically represents heroism. When receiving this specific medal she got met president Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt.
Amelia Earhart was a leader to women across the world and still is. She didn't let obstacles get in her way or stop her and she tried to put this idea in the head of others around her. Although Amelia disappeared going after her goal, she is remembered as a brave woman that died doing what she loved, flying.

Extra Facts

  • Achieved nursing degree at Colombia University, in New York
  • She Wrot eseveral books and was the Founder of the Ninety-Nines a club that was meant for woman
  • Her husband was at first her publicist, but soon a recently divorced George Putnam got married to Earhart
  • There are many possible causes of Amelia Earhart's disappearance such as speculation that she was secretly doing a mission for the U.S. and got captured by the Japanese, and the common one being that she just ran out of fuel and crashed into the Pacific ocean.