it was confusing when a component in the circuit had more that two paths going to other places, and finding out if a path is connected or not


the best part was after a circuit was finished and worked after all the effort.


the hardest part in completing a circuit was messing up and going back over the schematic and the circuit over and over


making a circuit was also fun, making your way through the whole experience. finding out new information, for example; where a chip is placed, was also fun. id make sure to ALWAYS draw a schematic and revise the resistor chart if I made the same circuits again.
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It is more efficient and effective to trim your components before hand and it makes your circuit easier to look at more organized and neat
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I learned that making circuits can be frustrating but if you practice more and more you'll become better at it. Its better to slowly make your way through the process rather than rushing and making a mistake. Just one mistake in the circuit can cause your LED to not light up.