Safe Sex!


What Is It?

Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy, most often performed in the first 28 weeks.

There are two different types of abortion, medical and surgical. Medical abortion is done by taking two different tablets. The first tablet stops the production of hormones being created that allows the pregnancy to continue. The second tablet breaks down the lining of the uterus which gets rid of anything that it is inside. A surgical abortion is where the female is put under general anaesthetic and a suction is used to remove the baby from her uterus.

Our campaign works along side the pro - choice group called Abortion Rights.


There are several reasons why a woman might decide to have an abortion. Some of these ideas include;

  • personal circumstances – not being able to afford to raise a child. They may know that if they bought a baby into the world, they would not be looked after as well as they should be.
  • a health risk to the mother
  • a high chance the baby will have a serious abnormality – for example if a woman is told there is a high chance their baby may have down syndrome, they may choose to abort the pregnancy because they don't want to put their child through that pain. Also there may be the risk that their child may not live a full life.

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