All about "Lemonade"

Its the "best"

Its not actually lemonade, its just water with a non-cut entire lemon thrown inside


Our "Product" In Action

A "Story"

Imagine that you are walking down a hallway and suddenly THERE IS A LEFT TURN! You don't know where it came from, but you manage to continue on. Then there is ANOTHER LEFT TURN! You can't handle it, so you put a gun in your mouth and then, THERE IS ANOTHER LEFT TURN! Finally you end up at a brick wall. This story relates to "lemonade" because they are both alike in a way that is intriguing yet overeaching and thus can't be seen as an example.

You Don't Own "It" "It" Owns You


"History Test"

The Secret History of Lemonade (Sacred Harp Style)

The "Test"

1) What is "Lemonade"

2) What is on the guy's shirt

3) How does a lake and trees have to do with lemonade

4) Why are there no question marks in this "test"

We are the GeoTrio

Mirfanda, Ben Q, and RICKY... + mrs. perri