March 2016

Origami Owl

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Top pv in February - Story builders!

Monica Padilla 639.8

Elizabeth Madrid 473.5

Maria Romero 283.1

Delma Moreno 261.1

Lena Ellis 258.3

Edith Morales 256.2

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March meeting with co-Founder Tyson Basha


Janneth Mendoza

Erika Barraza

Lorenza Castillo

Melissa Leyva

Blanca Magana

Alma Leon

mayra chavez

Elsa Perales

Susie Fast

Rosemary Contreras

Tina Froese

Lilia Armijo

Enedina Benavides

Iliana De Avila

Angela Torres

Diana Green

Jeanine Schumacher

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Commission comparison

Remember that if you got 99 pv one month, but 250+ next month, your commission will go back to 30-50% and get additional percentage from previous month.


Thursday, April 7th, 6-8:30pm

1731 Dean Jones Drive

El Paso, TX

Dinner will be provided at 6 pm.

Training will begin at 6:45.

Will go over new commission plan and improved back office.

Please rsvp at 915-474-4290 (text or call)

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I am here for you!

I know that many of you feel "out of the loop" or a bit disconnected, especially if you have not been active with Origami Owl for a while. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals.

The new back office also has FAQs (frequently asked questions) section that is super helpful as well. You can easily find it when you scroll to the very bottom of your back office while on the home page.

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