The Taj Mahal?

By:Victoria Drowns

The Taj Mahal is a gorgeous place. It has magnificent art inside, but do you know why it was built or how many people it took to build it?Do you know what it looks like? If not keep reading to find out

Who, What, Where?

Can you guess where it is standing today?If you said Agra,India then your right!It was built for Shan Jahan deceased wife Mumtaz Mahal, after she died giving birth to her 14th child.It was built to be a tombed for body


Shan Jahan hired many people it took more than 20,000, people to build the Taj Mahal. Most of these people came from India, Persia, Europe, and the Ottoman Empires! The materials were extremely heavy, so they had to bring in elephant . It took 1,000 elephant to carry it all.

I See White And Lots Of Color

Picture this. You walk up and you see the gorgeous red stone at the gate way as you walk in. Then when you walk in to the Taj Mahal you see octagon shape marble chambers with carvings of precious stone made into them. then you notice a giant Jawah, a mirror in the front of this glorious building, along with a hussy kiss shape dome it is located on the top. then you notice that all of the outside is all white but, the inside is extremely colorful with all the paintings. Did you picture it its beautiful isn't.
Big image
Here is a picture or the inside.
The Taj Mahal is a gorgeous place with many magnificent features.People still visit here today. Would you consider going one day.

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