Leaders of the TX Revolution

The leaders that gave Texas our freedom

Sam Houston

Sam Houston was born on March 2, 1973. Sam Houston was a war veteran that joined the rebellion against the Mexican dictator Santa Anna. He led armies of untrained volunteers/civilians using his experience from previous battles. However, even the greatest of leaders must fall ; He died on July 26, 1863 from pneumonia* at the age of 70 years old.

(*Nobody is certain how he died)

George Childress

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, George Childress was a citizen who tried to raise funds for the Texan rebellion and later became a very important author to the Texas Declaration of Independence ; He wrote this important document (with the help of others) during the Convention of 1836 on March 1st.

Juan Seguin

Juan Seguin (Born on October 26, 1806) joined the Texan rebellion against the dictator Santa Anna. He was one of the very few survivors of the Alamo. He survived because he was sent to get reinforcements. Because of this, he avoided the fate of all who stayed.

Davy Crockett

Born on August 17, 1786, Davy Crockett became another Texan Hero who fought against Santa Anna during the Texas Revolution. Like many others, he died at the Alamo as it fell.

"Always be sure you are right, then go ahead."

Fun Fact: Davy Crockett "whupped the tar" out of a class bully, but didn't go back because he feared the bully would come for revenge.

William Barrett Travis

William Travis was born on August 9, 1809. He was Commander of the Texas Army. Like many, he died in the Alamo while trying to defend it from the thousands of soldiers under the command of Santa Anna.

James Bowie

James Bowie was also another commando in the Alamo who "shared authority" with Travis. He died in the Alamo when it fell.

James Fannin

James Fannin led reinforcements to help the Alamo defenders fight. They were intercepted by the Mexican army, and surrendered five days later. Fannin and his men were brought to Goliad, and him and all of his soldiers were excecuted.