The Victory March to a New Life

Nathan L

There's Always a Solution

People make things look so easy. Movies and TV shows make things seem so simple. I'm sure once in your lifetime you had a desire for life to be that simple. What I'm about to say will surprise those who have lots of dignity. Life is that easy. But to reach that height of paradise, you will have to build a rocket out of a material that many of us need today. We'll have to build the rocket out of perseverance.

When perseverance is injected into your rocket's fuel tank, you will immediately launch into space and reach new heights that many have never reached. Now, I can't guarantee that, But, I can guarantee that if you miss the moon, you'll eventually find yourself on a star. Both planets will give you basic rights if you are hungry for it.

"Basic rights is more than a matter of waking up in the morning and breathing. Basic rights involves making your own choices about how you're going to live life." (civil rights lawyers) Choose your own choice because choices will always affect which way your rocket travels. You might travel down a black hole or around the sun.


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The Never Ending Tunnel of Darkness

Back in those days, we took over the so called world or new land. We kicked people out and claimed us discoverers of a new land. Native Americans discovered America before we did. We stole their rights and threw them into a tunnel. They continued to walk in that tunnel until we made a change.

The Native Americans persevered and sacrificed a lot to fight against us. But, with every Native American killed, we were slowly stabbing pain and suffering into their future. We were slowly grabbing their hearts and devouring their basic rights straight out of their poor, insubstantial bodies. We took their land, their supplies, their food and even some of their family members...until we made a change.

When the government created Indian Reserves in 1831, we gave back their rights and freedom. In America, they should be treated the most honored and valued. They were the natives of the land we stand on today. Their rights were revived by the solution of Indian Reserves. We made a change to fix the problem the we pitifully created. But, if we dig down into the earth, we will find the abandoned tunnel that our natives built. In the tunnel, blood and pain still drip from the ceiling and walls. We solved a minor problem. But the walls of the tunnel will forever be stained with the blood of our country's natives.


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The Agony of our Handiwork

Imagine your life without freedom. Imagine your life without being able to walk without drag. Imagine your life without being able to live without being whipped every day. Try living a life without rights. That's what so many people created. That's why so many died, to stop this agony, this suffering of the loss of basic rights. Enjoy your life because for what you hold in your hand is nothing compared to what people went through in slavery.

Rosa Parks was born on February 4th, 1913 and stood up for blacks. I'm sure you know how the story goes. But let's climb over the mountain and look for another city. This city is a more powerful one. This one is a man.

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th, 1809. He died by a bullet to his head by someone who treated slavery like it was his brother. Lincoln was a lot unlike Parks who died peacefully at age 92 on October 24th, 2005 in her apartment. Parks made a little impact at the time, but a large one over time. Lincoln created a huge impact both then and now. Rosa Parks actually stood face to face with a white man and challenged him. She refused to give up her seat and showed that blacks should be valued. On the other hand, Lincoln set out laws against slavery and spoke against slavery. He never challenged a white man face to face. (at least he wasn't famous for doing so.) Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks were both similar and different in many ways. But, they both climbed tall mountains to gain benefits to our society today.


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The Answer to the Whispers From Your Heart

It comes from deep inside the woods. You would find it deep by the surface of the ocean. It travels to you in the dark, cool nights, or it will travel to you at the times you profoundly need it. This feeling is needed to survive and live the real life that we were made for.

Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery on September 17, 1849. ( She used a key created of perseverance to unlock her chains. Perseverance can create many great things out of one who has the sense to put great use to it. Or, you can create a lighter to start a fire that will give you the ability to burn your fears and receive basic rights. The steps to this wonderful technique would be:

  1. Escape from captivity through perseverance. Harriet Tubman persevered and hired herself to somebody else's plantation. Than she escaped to a nearby underground railroad station.
  2. Next, you probably won't get away on the first try. But, remember you can do anything with perseverance. Just keep trying to get far away from the dark nightmare that you successfully escaped from. Harriet Tubman was captured and had to return to her plantation from there. Through perseverance escaped from there again.
  3. Thirdly, you need to find a safe hiding spot. Harriet Tubman "made use of the network underground railroad." (
  4. Lastly, turn back, and help others great fully. Harriet Tubman was "a woman who led enslaved people to great freedom." (

Harriet Tubman played a major role on society today. If it wasn't for her, some of our world would not be the place the we know. When your heart is lit with the fire of change, follow these steps and great success will be rewarded.


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The Power That We Hold in our Hands

Humans can do anything. They can do anything only through perseverance. Let's switch gears and look at the other side of perseverance. We'll be looking at the dark and despised side of perseverance.

One guy chose to do something bad while everybody else did something good (or at least they thought at the time they were doing something good.) Everybody voted this "bad guy" in as a leader. This guy did a good job covering himself up until his chest exploded and the black lava came flowing out of his heart.

In the book, The Boy Who Dared, Helmuth persevered against Hitler, while Hitler persevered against Jews. They both had strong hatred boiling in their hearts. But, when violence ceased and World War II was over, as a result, the world forever had a deep dark hole which Hitler created. Deep pain was introduced into the world. Suffering in families broke out. When many people got involved in the Holocaust, nothing good came out of it. Nothing good will ever come out of perseverance that gets misused.


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Perseverance for Rights

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