Where My Family Started


What do you know about Ireland?

Have you ever wondered about your ancestors? I never really thought about it till two weeks ago. I didn't really know anything about them. And what do you know about Ireland?not very much right. Well my class and I have been learning about our ancestors and want to show you where my family came from. And if you're wondering about both of the questions I asked you this story might show you some things you can learn about.

Regions and Geography

Ireland is a very hilly place in Europe. The oldest known rock is 1.7 BILLION years old! The major rivers are Shannon , Liffey, lee, Black water, Nor, Suri, Barro, Bann, Toyle, Erine, And Boyne. Also the highest peak is Carraunt wich is 1,041 meters 3,415 feet above sea level. Ireland is in Europe,Europe is a continent that comprises the westernmost part of Eurasia. Europe is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the South.

Climate & Weather

In Ireland most people where or are potato farmers. And really Ireland needs all of those potato farmers because Ireland is the potato place where potatoes initialy came from. Woo wee they make every thing out of patatos!!! In winter time its about (2 degrees Fahrenheit) but hotter in the summer and spring(75 degrees).so Ireland has all four seasons like Missouri.

Foods & Traditions

There are many different holidays in the word there are a lot that only some people celebrate so see if you have ever heard of these. The twelfth of July or also known as Ourange Mans Day. A holiday that the Irish celebrate for the revolution (1688) and to celebrate the victory of king William of orange over king and over king James the 2nd at the Battle of Boyne. This is why there is a lake named Boyne Lake. Because the battle of boyne (1619) and when they go to church they where shamrocks. Halloween was actually delivered from an Irish festival called Sam Hain. Also according to the Irish birthday traditions people hold the birthday boy or girl upside down and bump the child's head on the ground. (The amount of bumps represents the child's age.) also there is a rock in Ireland called The Kissing Rockthe name is kinda weird but anyway the Kissing Rock is a rock that people hand up side down and kiss . It's weird to kiss a rock that every one has kissed but you suck it up for peace in the world. They say that it will bring good luck! In America we don't have or do anything like that like most of us don't get our heads hit on the ground for our birthday!

What did you Learn

Now that you have read my informational text Ask your self what do I know about Ireland what can I do to learn about my ancestors? Think about the questions I asked you at the beginning you should be able to answer them. What do you know about Ireland?
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