The Land Of Stories

By: Chris Colfer


Go To The Land Of Stories!!!!!

There is NO place like your dream

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Has it always been your dream to be able to see fairytales in person? Do you like adventure? Do you like fairytales who you thought never existed? Well, now they do! All you have to do is go to the Land of Stories! The Land of Stories is full of risks and different sorts of people. If you want to go, that is easy! You just have to go ask Alex and Conner for the book their grandma gave them. They can take you with them and they will tell where is a nice place to go. The trip is like a vacation with places 10 times as beautiful as the modern world beauties of the world. Cinderella, Snow White, what ever fairytale you can think of The Land of Stories has it. If your family ever needs to go to a place which you are sure is safe and has everything you need for a perfect vacation, the Land of Stories is the place to go!

" Even if we are going to be here forever, and can't get home, at least we know its safe."