Cultural Geography Final

By: Sadie Drouin, period G

The Hunger Games and how it relates to our class...


The Hunger Games showcases what Cultural Geography is and how it affects people and places.
Panem Propaganda Film


In the movie The Hunger Games, there are many people who identify themselves through their culture, which adapts as a result of conflict and cooperation in a globalized world influenced by geography and climate, authority, and migration.

Unit 1 Enduring Understanding

Geography and globalization influence where, how, and why people live where they do.

During the reconstruction of North America, the citizens were put into Districts based on their wealth. In this series, each district, (1-12) are influenced by their environment. For instance, in Katniss's native district, their soil is covered with coal, so they are responsible for the coal supply for Panem. Another example is the land of District 11; which is rich in soil for farming. So, District 11 is responsible for Panem's food supply.

District 1- Responsible for Luxury items

District 2 - Responsible for Masonry for the Government

District 3- Responsible for Technology

District 4- Responsible for fishing, for food

District 5- Responsible for Panem's power

District 6- Responsible for Transportation vehicles

District 7- Responsible for Lumber

District 8- Responsible for Textiles

District 9- Grain

District 10- Livestock

District 11- Agriculture

District 12- Coal mining

How Panem is a Globalized world...

For a world to have Globalization, it must have 4 main factors; Culture, Environment, Technology, and Economy. In each District, there is a community and within the community, there is a culture. What is culture, one may ask. Well, culture is the the foundation of the world. Within culture there is language, clothing, literature, cuisine, and more. In The Hunger Games, since there are many districts, the cultures may clash creating conflict between the small "nations". For the technology aspect, no matter how poor a nation is, they always know what is happening in the capital because of the huge screens that broadcast updates for the districts, much like the news stations we have today. The economy in The Hunger Games, is slightly different than how it is today- it strictly relies on trade. As for the environment aspect, each district has a different environment, like how District 4 is water based and how District 7 is forest based, affecting the different exports.

Unit 2 Enduring Understanding

Humans migrate, create cultural mosaics and balance the force of cooperation and conflict between differing people.

"Migration" in the Hunger Games

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In The Hunger Games, the tributes "migrate" from their districts to the capital where the games are being held.

How people in The Hunger Games create conflicts and cooperation

Katniss creates conflicts and cooperation between the other cultures (districts). For, example different symbols represent different things for each belief system. For example, the phrase "girl on fire" can mean two things. To the citizens of the capital it just simply is an outstanding girl who is defying all odds. However, to President Snow, "girl on fire" is defying the government, rather than odds. This symbol creates conflicts between different people (Snow vs. Katniss). On a smaller scale, in the arena, Peeta and the careers work together. However, since they are from different districts, they have different views. When the careers decide to hunt down Katniss, Peeta doesn't want to help them, which creates conflict within the alliance.
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Unit 3 Enduring Understanding

Exploitation over natural resources and interactions between major belief systems may create conflict.

Exploitation over natural resources

In The Hunger Games, there is a scarcity of resources in the outlying districts, like district 12. In district 12, the is hardly any food to go around so the children of the struggling families have to put their name in the reaping bowl extra times just to have a minuscule amount of more food.

With this in mind this makes one question the values and beliefs of the capital vs. the districts. The citizens of the capital only have to worry about getting the trendiest item available. However, districts like Katniss's have to worry about surviving- getting enough food, water, clothing, or even shelter. A specific time where this was true was when the capital was preparing for the games. Katniss was walking to her suite with Effie, Haymitch, and Peeta, when she saw a capital family. As a present, the children were given toy swords in honor of the Hunger Games. This family saw the Games as a game. They weren't able to comprehend that the games are more than just a game- it's surviving.

Unit 4 Enduring Understanding

People are parts of groups that lose power over time, creating different individual rights and varying degrees of freedom.

Different Groups


District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12


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Power gained and lost between groups

The movie starts off with the capital holding all the power... the districts do not have a say in anything. However, as the movie progresses, tributes easily gain and loose power through how they "play the game". To gain power as a tribute, one must me likable to gain sponsors. The more sponsors a tribute has, the greater power that tribute has- they can acquire medicine, food, shelter, or anything they may need.
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Another way the power shifts...

The capital has always had the power until someone "defies" them. For instance, the Game-maker, Seneca Crane, changes the rules so he can mess with Katniss and Peeta. Eventually, he changes that rule. This makes the capital the one still with power. However, Katniss devises a plan to take the power away from the capital...
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Katniss and Peeta with the berries defying the capital's wishes, so there isn't a winner. However, the capital needs a winner so they let them both win (giving the power to the tributes).


The real world and the Hunger Games

In the real world we have reality tv, which could be considered a something like the Hunger Games. In real life there are The Real housewives of (insert county here) and they always have interviews, much like how all of the tributes did.

Hunger Games and the real world, continued...

In the real world we have States, which could be known for their main export. For instance, Wisconsin is known for it's cheese. However, that's not the only thing the state does. Like, in The Hunger Games, district 12 is known for it's coal, however, there are also market places and bakeries.

Districts vs. States

In The Hunger Games, District 4 is known for it's fishing. Today, main is known for it's fresh seafood. Also, our main agriculture states are in the great plains and in the hunger games district 11 is covered with plains to grow crops.

Is this society attainable on Earth?

In a way, I feel as though we have attained this society already in a lesser fashion. Today, we have states that ship out their major exports... Granite from New Hampshire, Potatoes from Idaho, cheese from Wisconsin. This is very similar to the different districts and their exports. We also have reality tv in which people compete, like extreme shows like Naked and afraid or family friendly shows like Wipeout.


The Hunger Games and my life

Although my life may be completely different than Katniss or Peeta, there can be some similarities between the two.

Unit 1 Similarites

Globalization affects my life and Katniss's. For instance, in our lives we both have culture. My culture entails different types of food from all over the world while Katniss only eats food found within district 12. Another aspect of culture is music. In Katniss's life songs her father sung to her impact her emotions ( Meadow song & Hanging Tree). Like Katniss, music impacts me greatly. Globalization also affects the technology we have. In Panem, there are screens that broadcast updates of things happening in the capital. This helps the civilization of Panem to communicate better. The screens that broadcast are a lot like how we have the news on specific channels on television. The economy of Panem and the United States are also intertwined. For instance, they both rely on the exports from around the world (district to district or country to country). Lastly, our environments are very similar, around Panem there are different regions like how the Unites states have different regions (great plains, desserts, forest, ect).

Unit 3 Similarities

In the the Hunger Games, there are major belief systems in each district or even person. President Snow, Panems's ruler, says himself that "Hope is stronger than fear". This creates a belief system that hope is an overarching belief that rules people's decisions. Katniss also believes in this hope, which creates a cooperation or understanding. In my life, I believe in hope, however other people may not which would create a conflict.

Hunger Games and my classes

In Band there is a limited amount of resources (music parts), that cause people to have conflicts. This is much like how in the hunger games the resources in 12 were slim, which resulted in people having to fight over things.

In group work , each person has a different background which helps us be able to bounce ideas off of each other, like how in the area tributes were able to work together in multiple ways because they were from different districts and they had different attributes.