About Drag Cars

By:Tessa Welter


Who made Junior Dragsters

Racing, Vince Napp was the person who came up with the idea to make a junior dragster, he was also the first person to make a junior dragster. It was made and created in 1991. Junior Dragsters were made 24 years ago. The Drag car christmas tree was made in 1963. And if you are wondering what NHRA means it means national hot rod association. There is also IHRA it stands for International hot rod association. I used to be in NHRA but now I am in IHRA.

My sister racing

My sister started racing when she was 7 yrs old. She had a purple and white flamed junior dragster that my dad painted because he owns a shop in Mitchellville called Welter Auto Body. But then I got her junior dragster cause she wasn’t racing it for a while and it was just sitting in the shop. So my dad asked me if I wanted to race, so of course I just had to say yes cause it is really cool and fun!!

Me racing

When I started racing a junior dragster you had to be at least 7, but I started racing when I was 8 only because my sister was racing and my dad wanted her to be able to race for the rest of that races season. And my dad also wanted me to wait another year so I could grow some. But I didn’t exactly grow any.

My dad racing

My dad also races, he races a 68 Firebird Pontiac. He set the world record with his old car for best burnout and fastest pontiac ever! That is his second drag car he called it Alky Indian 2 because he had another pontiac that he named Alky Indian. But he crashed that one so then he got a new one. But then he wrecked that one and he got a brand new one it is so cool!! it is the yellow one down at the bottom of the page.
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