Setting of the Novel:

Ingolstadt, Orkney Islands, Geneva

By Flor T. & Nikita A.


  • City in the free state of Bavaria, It is located along the banks of the river Danube, in the center of Bavaria.
  • Ingolstadt it's where the scientist Victor Frankenstein learns/creates his monster/creature.
  • It is Victor's time at Ingolstadt that really shapes who he will become.

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Orkney Islands

  • Orkney is an archipelago (a chain of island) off the northeastern coast of Scotland.
  • Orkney Islands are fertile, as opposed to what Victor said about them being barren.
  • The seclusion of this location, and the physical distance that Victor is willing to travel for the sake of his project, it's part of the significance of using the Orkneys as the place for the creation of the female monster.
  • It is out of a total of approximately 70 islands altogether.
  • It is divided into three regions: North Isles, Mainland, and South Isles.
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  • Home of the Frankenstein family, were Victor grew up.
  • Geneva is the capital of Switzerland, it is located in the south-western corner of switzerland.
  • It is the second largest city in Switzerland.
  • Geographically surrounded by France from west, south and east.
  • Located along the banks of Lake Geneva, Rhone River and is bordered by Jura Mountains and French Alps.
  • Due to the lakes and surrounding mountains, its weather is decent almost year around.

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