Inpatient Drug Rehab –

Why Is It Better?

Inpatient Drug Rehab – Why Is It Better?

Are you an addict?

Are you considering admission into a rehab for substance abuse?
Have you made up your mind about outpatient rehab?

We will tell you why an inpatient drug rehab is a better option.
1. It is successful in treating addicts that are at a higher risk of developing a moderate to severe drug addiction.
2. An inpatient drug rehab efficiently addresses the co-occurring disorders that accompany drug addiction like PTSD, depression, and other behavioral disorders.
3. Healthy coping strategies and life developing skills are taught to prepare for a life after rehab.
4. In comparison, an outpatient rehab is focused on treating individuals who are able to function almost normally in their day-to-day routine.
5. The problem is that most addicts believe that they are functioning normally in their life, and therefore outpatient rehab fails to address the real problem.

According to NIDA, the relapse rates for drug addiction lie between the average range of 40%-60%.
Relapse rates are greatly reduced with admission into an inpatient drug rehab. They are more timely and responsible in their continual assessment and modification of treatment, if necessary.

An inpatient drug rehab follows the systematic 4 step process to help you flush drugs out of your system:

a. Detoxification
b. Therapeutic Intervention
c. Life-skills Development
d. Relapse Prevention

A drug rehab facility also offers the 12-step process to bring out better results, and the above 4 steps are a part of this program. Visit The Hills Center drug rehab facility now. Visit the website, for more information.