Anna Lammers turns 11!

The story behind the story

March 21st is when Anna Lammers will hit the mighty number of 11. Anna is the middle sibling of the Lammers family, with her older 13-year-old brother Trevor and her 4-year-old sister Emma. Anna is a active, outgoing, creative young miss. She plays Basketball and softball for sports and love to hang with friends. Her two Parents, Brian and Sarah, often coach her teams. Some hobbies include Golf, Skiing, hanging with friends, and reading.

Random Fact: Anna is the only one that has met Cinderella (Disneyland).

Now that Anna is 11 years old, she is planning on attending 6th grade in the fall.


Happy Birthday Anna!

The past year has been fun with you. We NEVER fought, NEVER yelled, and NEVER got mad :). Psst.. I might've stretched the truth a bit there. Have a great day!