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September 7-11, 2015

CNA - Speaking Exchange

Good To Know- anticipated employee high absence days

For the 2015-2016 school year, we anticipate heavy employee absences on the dates listed below. Historically, Kelly Services has had a difficult time filling absences with substitutes on these dates. If possible and if an event hasn’t already been scheduled, we’d appreciate any effort you might make to avoid scheduling events on these days. Also, it would be extremely helpful if we can ask teachers to avoid Fridays for Assessment Testing. This made a huge difference last year! Beyond these, please take into consideration these high absence days:

· Thursday, October 8th and Friday October 9th – James River Assembly Women’s Conference (Several teachers were out last year and substitutes were not available to fill all needs)

· Friday, October 23rd – Surrounding schools Fall Break (Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Logan Rogersville, Strafford)

· Fridays in October if either the Cardinals or Royals make it to the playoffs (which they will…)

· Friday, December 11th – MSU and Drury Graduation

· Friday, March 25th – Good Friday

· Monday, March 28th – Easter Monday

· Friday, May 5th – SPS Graduation

· Friday, May 6th – SPS and Evangel Graduation

· Friday, May 13th – MSU and Drury Graduation

Labor Day - School System Closed

Monday, Sep. 7th, 9pm

District Wide

Enjoy your well-deserved and earned 3 day weekend :-)

Mandated Call - Reminder of Change

A reminder there has been a transition concerning mandated reporting calls. Reporting forms for mandated calls involving students are sent to Shane Wagoner and Bret (not J anymore). Mandated reporting calls involving staff are sent to Parker and J. Please ensure other staff in your buildings are aware of this change...
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from Bret-

One of the “hot topic” items J and I received from SAESP was “More intentional and focused training on poverty in our schools—how to deal with, resources, etc.” One program that might be of assistance is the 2-1-1 through the Missouri United Way. Whether you are wanting to provide help as a volunteer, or you are needing help; 2-1-1 is a great way to locate services in the community. Dialing 2-1-1, or locating resources via the website, or downloading the 2-1-1 mobile app available in the Apple Store or Google Play will connect you with information that can assist students and families regarding health and human services in your area such as basic needs, physical/mental health resources and work initiatives. The 2-1-1 resource specialist is Colleen Neill, and her office is located at the United Way of the Ozarks. She can be reached at or 417-863-7700, ext 233. She is available to train staff/volunteers about accessing resources via 2-1-1, send general 2-1-1 reports about community needs (met and unmet), join your advisory committees, focus groups, coalitions, or collaborative efforts, and provide a 2-1-1 link for your website(s). We will have brochures explaining the 2-1-1 program at the September job-alike.

Our own Learning Development Team (formerly know as Professional Learning Department) has developed a Poverty Resource Library that is housed in CANVAS . Check into the many resources there. Additionally, J is a Ruby Payne certified trainer, and would be happy to facilitate a staff development session at your site. Contact him directly if you're interested.

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Kyle Pace is a Missouri educator (from the KC area). He challenges my thinking on a regular occasion. Check out his website and/or follow him on twitter @kylepace

10 Things to Make This Year More Than

School has either just started or is getting ready to. What goals have you set for yourself this year? What do you want to “make this year more than” for 2015-2016? I thought of a few that came to mind.

  1. Make this year more than ‘just being a teacher’. Don’t forget to be a learner too.
  2. Make this year more than being seen as ‘just a teacher’ to your students. Relationships matter.
  3. Make this year more than retweets, favorites, likes, followers, etc. That’s not what being a connected educator is about.
  4. Make this year more than a test for your students. Create learning with meaning in your classroom.
  5. Make this year more than using tech just to use tech. Get students creating more than they’re consuming.
  6. Make this year more than just one way for students to show their learning. Give students choices that are engaging. Technology offers some seriously cool opportunities for this.
  7. Make this year more than using social media to post homework. Show students what it’s like to connect with and learn from brilliant minds all over the world.
  8. Make this year more than just talking about going to an edcamp. Commit to go and change how you view professional development forever.
  9. Make this year more than the 4 walls of your classroom. Have students become publishers for a larger audience than the teacher and their classmates.
  10. Make this year more than one content area. Mix it in with the arts as much as possible.

What would you add? What do you want to make this year more than?

What is Blended Learning? (short)