Parent/Teacher Introduction Letter

Everything to know before your student starts exploring!


For the student to learn the basics of American Sign Language in a way that's geared towards kids ages 10-13. All activities through the website are provided in order for your student to gain a basic understanding of ASL and the Deaf Community. There is no time limit on the projects so that the student is never rushed and can work at his/her own pace.

Georgia Performance Standards related to learning a language:

  • To equip students with realistic lifelong skills that will enable them to function competently in a language other than their own and communicate and compete effectively in the global community and marketplace;
  • To instill a greater awareness of their own culture and the culture(s) of others;
  • To enrich students' lives by increasing their appreciation for language and culture.

"Language and communication are the essence of all that is human. Learning American Sign Language will provide students with the opportunities to communicate with another community, to develop an appreciation of the diversity of our society, and to develop a deeper understanding of their own language and culture."


Materials and Supplies Needed

Printer and paper


Computer with internet

Video recording device (such as webcam or cell phone)


A brain that is ready to learn!

What Parts to Help With

There are some parts of the website where the student might need assistance from an adult. They could need help printing out the necessary worksheets and accessing links from the website to outside sources. They will need help with the final project: creating an iMovie showing what they've learned. Please make sure they are doing their best work and have them practice their signs for you. In the end, this whole process is just to benefit the students!

Continuing ASL

Or take your student to experience the Deaf Community in person!

Every community has a number of ASL/Deaf events in the area. Ask around or search for some in your area!

Contact the author

Lauren Husney

I am a sophomore at the University of Georgia studying Communication Sciences and Disorders. I want to be a speech pathologist for kids when I graduate. I am currently taking ASL at UGA and want to teach younger kids ASL to help them in the future.