CATEC Newsletter

March 2021

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

CATEC wants to make sure you stay informed about the most important information regarding our 2020-2021 school year. Please visit our Website, download our free CATEC, VA app wherever you get your apps, or follow us on Facebook (@CATECHighSchool ),Twitter (@CATEChs), and Instagram (@catechighschool).

Director's Message: Stephanie Carter

Happy Spring, CATEC families! As we wrap up March and head into Spring Break, we enter the most exciting time of the year. Students reach goals and consider their futures. We are planning recognition days and even looking toward and planning for the next school year. This year, our Completers Ceremony will happen virtually, but we will have small, in-house ceremonies for each class. We look forward to 2022 when we most certainly will be back to normal!

All the recognitions and ceremonies are an opportunity to celebrate the unique and important aspects of CATEC. As a CTE school, students learn a trade, but they also work on soft skills such as teamwork, work ethic, listening and speaking, and conflict resolution. In addition to an industry certification, our students leave us with a résumé, interview skills, workplace readiness skills and many take advantage of internship or apprenticeship opportunities. All of this at no cost to our students and zero student debt! We value the opportunity to help cultivate our students and prepare them for life after high school. We look forward to celebrating, even in unique ways, over the remainder of the school year!

Thank you,

Stephanie Carter


School Counseling: Maggie Wilson

In March Ms. Wilson reintroduced a student recognition awarded for two CATEC students: CATEC Students of the Month. Marlo Rivas for Econ/Personal Finance and Amilia Brown for Cosmetology II were CATEC's first two Students of the Month for this school year. Teachers nominated students based on academic achievements, attendance, work-ethic/ overall attitude and progress. After Spring Break, Ms. Wilson will give little goodie package for them after break and put their pictures up on the wall/bulletin board.

Ms. Wilson has created a Calming Room to help students (and families) find calm if they need a break during the day. If you have any questions, please email

Career Development & Workplace Readiness: Amanda Jay

In Career Development this month, students worked on essential skills needed to enter the workforce: resumes and interview skills, Over the next two months, students will write professional, industry-driven resumes that reflect their coursework and skills developed at CATEC. Students will learn more about professional job interviews, including what to bring, what to do, what to say, and what to wear, leading up to real interview opportunities in May.

Programs focused on the following VA Workplace Readiness Skills: #11 Big Picture Thinking, #15 Information Literacy, #16 Information Security, #17 Information Technology, and #18 Job Specific Tools and Technologies.

Automotive Body Repair: Ron Moore

In March, Auto Body Repair students completed their personal project dent and paint panel. Students learned the steps to preparing and applying the final paint job and painted their fender dent repair project. They earned two industry I-CAR refinishing certifications. Looking forward to summer, Auto Body Repair will be offering a two week extension after the regular school year ends to give students opportunities to practice hands-on skills and to complete industry certifications.

Automotive Service Technology: Matt Richardson

Auto Service Technology I students spent the month preparing for their Brake certification. They will be testing the second week of April. Auto Service Technology II students have been preparing for their Heating and Air conditioning certification test. Students have begun working on customer cars. In April, students will begin ASE certification testing. These certifications make students marketable when entering the workforce.

Cosmetology I and II: Karen Brown & Jackie Waller

Cosmetology students worked through many skills during their annual March Madness event. Some exciting activities they did included anatomy & physiology blindfolded bone draw and bracket play for their developing skills. Cosmetology I students worked on face frame; blood spill; texturizing techniques; Cornell notes; branding; disinfection of equipment; structure of hair, skin and nails; and braiding including French, Dutch, and Fishtail. Students completed their Barbicide Certification and Human Trafficking (Domestic Abuse) Certification. In April, students need to practice massage blow dry, curling iron and braiding on friends and family. The more they practice the better they will get!

Culinary Arts I and II: Christina Rizzo & Josh Davis

In March, all Culinary Arts students practiced hands-on Service and Selling in the CTE Month Food Bus Event. Students did a fabulous job prepping, cooking, and serving meals to our community. Culinary Arts 1 students started the month with Stocks, Soups, and Sauce and are currently learning intro to baking and made some quick bread including scones, muffins, and biscuits. Culinary Arts II students made pasta from scratch with sauces and moved into pastries and custards. In April, Culinary Arts I students will continue baking by working on yeast breads, pies, and cookies and then move into Dairy and Breakfast. Culinary Arts II students will continue pastries and move into nutrition and menu development.

Emergency Medical Technology

This month, EMT students worked on assessment and management of medical emergencies including stroke, seizure, cardiac problems, diabetes, and allergic reaction. They role-played scenarios to practice patient assessment and practiced spinal immobilization skills. At the end of March, students worked on CPR and First Aid certification, an essential skill needed to enter the profession. Students will be able to begin clinical rotations very soon. Certain requirements must be met to do so (ex. overall attendance, CPR certification, and certain skills labs). Students will be notified by email if they are cleared to begin clinicals, and if not, what needs to be done to catch up.

Fire Service: Bobby Elliott

Fire Service students spent March completing Firefighter Survival Skills, Fire Hose, Appliances, Nozzle Skills, and Water Supply Skills. Each student also has continued to work on wearing the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus and breathing air under working conditions. They have also completed Workplace Readiness Skills and worked on Fire Emergency Critiques. Captain Elliot gives a heartfelt congratulations to 2020 Fire Science Completer Michael Sadikoglu for being awarded two awards at the East Rivanna Fire Department Awards Banquet this month. He received Firefighter of the Month Awards for 2020 and the Scott H. Nesbit, Jr. Award. In April, student should continue to complete all weekly assignments on time and communicate with instructors. During April each student should be certifying in Basic First Aid and CPR.

Nurse Assistant: Sarah Manglicmot

In March, students finished their personal care skills unit and moved on to safety and emergency care. They completed skills labs in nutrition, comfort measures, safety, and restorative care as well. Students successfully completed online courses in first aid and CPR and then tested last week for their certifications. By the end of quarter 3, students will have learned all of the major CNA skills and will put these into practice when we work with patients at a local nursing home in quarter 4.

Veterinary Science: Kim Smyth

In March, Vet Science students practiced wrapping surgical gowns to prepare them for sterilization, learning how to "glove up" for surgery. They ran fecal exams to check for parasites while learning about common small animal contagious diseases and the vaccines that protect against them. Students also created prosthetic limbs to practice venipuncture (blood drawing) and prepared and stained blood smears. In April, students will study parasitology and getting certified for basic and advanced life support for animals.

English 11: Megan Panek & English 12/Government: Megan Panek & David Topper

In English 11, in the month of March students wrapped up a persuasive presentation project. Students created presentations that made an argument related to a controversy in the beauty industry. In April, they will be preparing for the SOL Reading Exam and participating in a literature circle unit. Students get to choose from a list of four books and will discuss their chosen book with a reading group. There are some great selections! More information will come in April.

In US Government/English 12, in the month of March students completed a persuasive letter project. They reviewed elements of a strong argument and wrote letters to state representatives or local newspapers on topics about which they are passionate. This wrapped up their unit on the legislative branch. In quarter 4, students will be digging into the concepts of community engagement and civic responsibility by completing a capstone project that impacts the local community.

Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs: Shannon Tomlin

CATEC's Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs are running additional Nurse Aide, Medication Aide, and EMT classes beginning in the next several weeks. Please call or email with questions. Scholarships for Fall semester classes will be due July 1. Applications are posted on our website or are available as hard copies in person.

Visit or call us at 434-973-4461 for inquiries.