Principal's Weekly Update

February 25-March 1

What's Happening this Week!

Monday: Jeans Day for teachers that gave to Works of Mercy for the month of February(travel pack)


Wednesday: Gala Walk-Thru after school (3:45pm) Lunch in classrooms

Thursday: Mass, Lunch in classrooms

Friday: GALA/Noon Dismissal (no lunch)

Saturday: PSIA The Pharr Oratory of St. Philip Neri


See Sonia if you have questions or concerns regarding PSIA. There have been some last minute adjustments regarding volunteers. Sonia will be reaching out to you for help. Thanks to those of you that volunteered to coach, judge or grade. I appreciate all you do!!!

PSIA is good for the students. The competition challenges them and allows them to "test" their abilities in a different arena.


The assignment sheet was sent out earlier this week for the event next Friday evening. Make sure you know your job for that evening. All staff should be here no later than 6pm. You are strongly encouraged to dress up in decade attire. Plan on a long evening. We will stay to clean up afterwards--may want to bring a pair of comfy shoes.


DUE TO GALA DECORATING PE will not be the gym this week. Coach will come to you and take students outside if weather permits.


DUE TO GALA DECORATING LUNCH will be in the classrooms beginning Wednesday.

Summer School Opportunities:

If you are interested in making some extra money this summer, see me. Summer school will be held from June 3-13, 9am-12pm.

School Policies:

  • Personalized gifts for students are not accepted such as: balloons, flowers, candy, etc. If a parent should ask you to deliver an item to a student, please decline and let them know it is against school policy. No exceptions.

  • Parties invitations may not be handed out at school UNLESS all classmates are invited.

  • Bullying is never ok! It has been brought to my attention that some students are saying unkind things to one another. I know that if you hear or have heard such comments, you are quick to intervene, but kids can be sneaky. While bullying is not a school-wide issue or concern, one time is one time to many. Many times the bullying happens during unstructured times, recess, restroom breaks, lining up and such. Let's be hyper vigilant and proactive in addressing bullying before it does become a larger problem. Speak to you students about bullying and what they should do if they feel threaten physically or verbally.

Professional Development:

All teachers must have 8 clock hours of professional development annually. The deadline is May 15th.

Big picture

GALA "Dancing through the Decades"

As you know, the Gala is our major school fundraiser and our excitement and involvement is critical to its success. Our goal is to profit as least $30,000. You can help us out by promoting the event to your classroom parents. You can send out a remind and personally invite them to come. Sometimes just that personally touch from their child's teacher makes them feel important and included.

On the night of the event, please be sociable and engage with the parents. This is the night that we mingle and promote the school at the same time. You are all very likable and friendly so I know that you can pull this off without any problems!