The New York Times

January 2, 1863


News of the President’s Proclamation has sparked celebrations throughout the Union! Enormous gatherings are takin place at churches and halls throughout the North. The reasons for celebration are varied, but the undeniable effects of the President’s great actions are profound and give reasons for us all to rejoice. Millions of slaves have been freed!

Through the Proclamation, the Union’s army will be strengthened. Colored men from the North and South will unite and join the Union army to fight for a great cause- freedom for all. Some argue that the Emancipation Proclamation did not go far enough, that slavery will still exist in some parts of this very Union. However, despite the unspoken omissions of the President’s act, those that seek to abolish slavery are undoubtedly one step closer to achieving their goal.

Now is the time for us all to join forces and defeat the Confederate South in the name of freedom. Let’s send a message to everyone, that the institution of slavery is no longer welcome in our blessed country!