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August, 2016

From Susan's Desk...

Hi friends.

I want to begin by thanking you for praying for Connie Miller and I as we served together with a team of PCA women in Cali, Colombia last month. It was an amazing trip as we experienced the faithfulness of God in many ways. Over 300 women attended from all over South America and we were humbled and grateful for their sweet hospitality, their deep affection for Christ and the Church and their hunger to grow in their understanding of Biblical womanhood. What an opportunity to see the Holy Spirit at work even with a pretty substantial language barrier! I've included a few pictures here, just so you can get a glimpse of our experience. (I'll put a little photo journal on our Facebook page if you are interested!)

Well, we knew it was coming but August has arrived...and with it, a very busy schedule! Please pay careful attention to the details in this newsletter and in the E-courier so you don't miss anything. As a highlight, be sure to plan to come to our afternoon of open houses on August 21 --- both the new High School and our Community Life Center will be open for visitors in the afternoon. In September, we will host a Coffee & Conversation evening with Mindy Belz and in October we're feverishly planning for the TRANSFORMED conference! Before we know it, we'll be sending you details for our Thanksgiving Feast!!!!

So rest up in these last few days of summer and prepare your heart and mind for great things from the Lord in the weeks ahead. I'm so glad to be with you and I thank the Lord every day for this precious treasure, our Church.

Grace, sisters.


Transformada - Cali, Colombia

Meet Nancy Guthrie!

I know...you are wondering: "A bobble head? Really?" Yup. We asked for a picture and this is what Nancy sent :-). We wanted you to get to know her a bit, since she is our Transformed Charlotte keynote speaker, so we conducted a casual interview. For her responses, go to this link. If you have not yet registered for Transformed Charlotte, please do so soon...and HELP US GET THE WORD OUT! You can "like" or "share" the "PCA Transformed" Facebook page to spread the word. The Birmingham conference, scheduled for September 9 has over 800 registrations! We'll be including a short interview with each of our workshop speakers over the next few months, so stay tuned...and REGISTER! https://www.egsnetwork.com/events/?eventid=8149BFDC66E4466


We are anticipating as many as 700 guests for our CLC Open House on August 21!!! Can you help us by bringing a designated snack to share? If so, please click on this Sign-Up Genius and let us know...and thank you in advance! We could not do this without you! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c45a8a72caafa7-grand

Ongoing Ministries to Women to begin October 3

We have deliberately planned a "delayed start date" for all ongoing ministries to women in order to allow for a smooth transition into the new facilities. The expectation is that the buildings will be open and ready for our use by October (at the latest). Toward that end, Bible Studies, Merea, the Anchor and T2 will all begin the first week in October. More details in the September newsletter, but registration for Bible Studies, T2 and the Anchor is open NOW. Please visit our website for details and registration information.

Community Care Contacts

TIDBIT #7: How can I help?

Your Community Care Coordinator is your connection to the larger body of your Community and the Church! If you have questions, concerns, needs or you just need help...please call her! If she can't help, she will direct you to someone who can! By mid-September, every woman who is a member of our church should have received a phone call from a Care Coordinator and, at the very least, a magnet with her contact information. Keep that magnet handy! You never know when you might need her!

Women's Ministries Staff

We want to be available to you! For information regarding general women's ministries, see our website. For contact information for your Community Liaison, you can click on the "Leadership Team" link.

Staff: Susan Shepherd & Teresa Caldwell