Loss of humanity and survival

The Hunger Games

The hunger games: The Hunger Games is a movie series, and also a book series, of a Dystopian world many years ahead. The Capital serves as the government and every year the capital hosts the hunger games. Which is a battle arena where 2 randomly selected candidates from each district get put into to fight to the death. This situation clearly states a oppression, loss of humanity, and survival theme. Firstly, the districts besides the capital are all in oppression. The food is very scarce and the living conditions are very poor.

The people who live in the districts are all under control of the government and are not allowed to leave. They also receive punishments for disobeying petty rules such as rations. Secondly, the loss in humanity can be found in making teenagers from around 8 years old to 20 years old fight each other until there is only one more person standing alive. Lastly, survival is shown through the main character Katniss and her struggle to survive. She hands on fights many other characters in the arena, she runs from rabid monkeys, and poisonous gas.

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This is a map of the world the hunger games takes place in, Panem. The map shows the different sections that the government has enforced. The sections are separated by fences and guard men. These separate sections are called districts. Most of the districts besides the capitol are living in very poor conditions and with little food. This shows a clear loss of humanity.
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This is an image of Katniss, the main character in the hunger games. She is known for her talent with a hunting bow. During the hunger games, survival was the main goal. Katniss had to fight other people from other districts. She also had to fight against the challenges and animals faced in the arena.

"May the odds be ever in your favor"

This quote is very well known when talking about the hunger games. The host of the weeper says this quote in the movie many times. They say this quote when referring to the outcome of the hunger games. As it is a fight to the death, other people from the districts watch the event live. They even have their preferences on who they want to win. The fight for survival between a group of kids is like a game show and for their entertainment. This shows a loss of humanity.
The Hunger Games: Katniss vs Clove - Scene
This is a video clip of Katniss and clove in a fighting scene. This is an example of the many fights katniss had to go through. The fight for survival was real and harsh with the other candidates.