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Support Services and Communication for Students and Parents

October 2014

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Need to Know

  • The 2014-2015 School Year
Mrs. Menard (Room 366/Science) and Mrs. Brewer (Room 115/English), the HAL coordinators at Bellevue West, are here to provide support to students and parents in terms of classroom differentiation, college preparation and social/emotional needs. We will communicate with students and parents every month through this newsletter. Additionally, room 351 will be used every day during GPS to provide these services.
  • HAL Survey
A survey was sent out to student emails in order to obtain student information, preferred contact methods and requested services. Thank you for your participation in this survey. We will be using the data to guide services during gps, preferred communication, and sharing learning preferences with your teachers. Students who have not completed the survey are still encouraged to do so as soon as possible so that we may obtain the most accurate data for each student.

Upcoming Events

  • Peer Tutoring!
Many students expressed an interest in peer tutoring in their surveys in various, preferred subject areas. In order to qualify to become a Peer Tutor, students must be in grades 10-12 and meet the requirements listed in the handout. Tutoring is a great opportunity to practice skills, exhibit leadership and obtain volunteer hours. Times are flexible-students will come to room 351 to tutor only on days they are available and times of tutoring will be documented. Interested students should attend one of the organizational tutoring meetings in room 351 between Wednesday-Friday, Oct 1-3, during GPS. Check your school email to fill out a form indicating which meeting you would like to attend.
  • Room 351 Seminars
Based on student interests expressed in the HAL survey, we will conduct student-led, teacher facilitated seminars to educate, inform and assist students in school and career related topics. Students must sign up in advance. Check your school email for forms to indicate you want to attend a specific seminar.
  • Student Portfolios
We will be utilizing the program "Family Connection" to develop student portfolios. These portfolios will assist students in scholarship opportunities, college information, career planning, documenting HAL services, and learning styles. We will begin this process during 2nd quarter with the Senior Class.

Feature Video

Each month, there will be a featured video that communicates information about various topics connected to HAL. Some videos will provide resources on strategies and services while others may stem from student and parent requested information. This month's video shows an interview with a Math Savant discussing his gifted ability, his strategized management with socialization skills and his explanation of how he processes numbers.
3.14 Pi Day March 14 Math genius Worlds greatest math prodigy Mathematics savant Maths Daniel Tammet

Contact Information

  • Email:
Mrs. Menard:

Mrs. Brewer:

  • GPS: Room 351
  • Phone: 402-293-4040
  • Classrooms:
Mrs. Menard (Science) Room 366

Mrs. Brewer (English) Room 115