The Finding of Nuclear Fusion

Mallory Flowers and the Winston-Salem Lab. May 2, 2016

Nuclear Fusion vs. Nuclear Fission

Hello, my name is Mallory Flowers and the Winston-Salem Lab and I have been working studying Nuclear Fusion. Nuclear Fusion is the joining of atoms that releases enormous amounts of energy. Nuclear Fusion is how the earth obtains its energy. On the other side, Nuclear Fission is the process of splitting atomic nuclei into smaller pieces. Uranium and Plutonium are used for Nuclear Fission, and this is used for electricity generators

Safety Concerns and Precautions

Nuclear Fusion was found not to release harmful radiation. The waste is radioactive from 50-100 years, and the reactors can't melt and release radiation. Although Nuclear Fusion can be used to produce the very dangerous nuclear bomb, you can stop a reactor a any time.

The Economic Impact

Although it would be very expensive to build a machine that could carry out Nuclear Fusion, it would make America more energy dependent. Also there will be an abundance in energy resources around the globe. Also the research is only 0.05% of the energy market.