Eric Greitens

By: Brooke Parker

One of The Most Effective Leaders in America

Eric was born and raised in Missouri, where he was educated in a public school. He was an Angier B. Duke scholar at Duke Univresity. He studied ethics, philosophy, and public policy. He also attended the University of Oxford where he earned his master's degree and a Ph.D. His always put children first. He investigated how international humanitarian organizations can best serve war-affected children. He worked as a humanitarian volunteer, doumentary photographer, and researcher in Rwanda, Cambodia, Albania, Mexico, India, Bosnia, and Bolivia, Eric also served in the United States Navy. in 2011 the Associtation of the United States Navy named him the Navy Reserve Junior Line Officer of the year. His awards include the Combat Action Ribbon, the Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star. Eric dontated his combat pay to found The Misson Continues, a national nonprofit organization that challenges veterans to serve in communitites across America. As CEO, Eric has been recongnized as one of the most effective leaders in America.
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