Christ the Redeemer

By:Isaac Marks

Cool things about Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. When the statue was being built it was an accomplishment. The landmark was inspired in 1850 in the site It was built on the Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park. The architects are Heitor da Silva Costa and Paul Landowski. They used soapstone to create the landmark. Before making the landmark there was difficulties.
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Difficulties to Christ the Redeemer

The difficulties to making and rebuilding parts of the landmark. One of the difficulties was bringing the stone up the mountain. Strong winds and the clouds swallowed up the statue and made it hard to build. The landmark kept getting struck by lightning so the rebuilt the damaged hands. Since the lightning struck they put lightning rods on its hands and on the head. While they were rebuilding the hand they had to move the rod to the middle finger since it's 125' feet above ground. When they finished it cost some money.
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Christ the Redeemer Construction

How much it cost and the height and weight. When it was being constructed it cost $250,000 dollars to make. The money that was used to construct it was donated by the Catholic Church. Today Christ the Redeemer would cost around $3.2 million dollars. The height of the statue is 98' feet tall if you don't include the 27' foot pedestal underneath it. It weighs over 700 tons which is 635 tonnes as stated in . When they built it there was things added and things happened to it.

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Facts About Christ the Redeemer

Other facts about Christ the Redeemer. In 2010 a house painter vandalized the statue and sprayed the head and right arm with paint he was later caught. They installed escalators, elevators, and walkways so the elderly can see it easier. The statue shows that Christ loves all and will embrace you. The statue is the 5th largest of Christ the Redeemer. The stone that was used to build the landmark was from Sweden. When the people donated the money they built it to symbolize Christianity.

Symbolism of Christ the Redeemer

When they built the statue in 1931 they wanted it to symbolize something. The priest in the Catholic Church inspired to start in 1850 but didn't start until 1926. The statue represents or symbolizes Christianity in the Catholic Church in Rio de Janeiro. Catholic Church made it to look like Jesus, Christ the Redeemer. Until 1920 a group petitioned it to start the landmark 6 years later. Why did they decide to build the statue (Christ the Redeemer)? They built it because the Catholic Church wanted it, it symbolizes Christianity, and it is one of the most visited landmarks in the world.
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