By: Dan Fritz


Derrick Rose was considered healthy and durable during his college years and was on his way into the league. He was drafted in 2008 by the Chicago Bulls in hopes to bring the Bulls triumphantly back to what they once were. He was healthy except for a few little injuries that didn't mean too much. Things were on track for them to win it all when Derrick won the MVP in 2011. The next year however, in the 2012 playoffs something tragic happened. In the first round against the Philadelphia 76ers, he went in for a layup and took an awkward step causing him to crawl off the court in pain. It took him all of next season to heal in order to make his return. In 2013 he made his return looking great, but not his usual self. He seemed kind of out of it and not too long later, he got injured and was out for the season. Everyone was starting to doubt him, but halfway through the 2014-2015 season, he was starting to show little slivers of greatness. With a healthy Derrick Rose for the past few months, the Bulls are charging towards success.


Back in the day, color was a big indicator on whether or not someone should be accepted or not. So it took people a long time to be able to accept Jackie Robinson into the league. After many years in the Negro League, the Brooklyn Dodgers took notice of his skill on the field and picked him up. Although he didn't play on the team right away, he needed to be put in the Minors to be able to develop his skills. He was clearly good enough to be in the MLB but the franchise was still debating on whether or not they should bring an African American into the league. After much debate, Jackie Robinson was brought up onto the team on April 14, 1947. Because of his persistence, today every and all color skinned people are allowed in the league.


Right off the bat she was judged poorly, and by people she loved dearly. Eleanor Roosevelt was called many names by those she loved. Her mother called her "Granny" and "Ugly Duckling" because of her face. She always had wanted to have a boy, so when she saw that one of her children was a girl, she felt nothing but disappointment and she was not afraid to speak her mind. This led to many problems in the future about her self esteem. She didn't let this ruin her though. She just tuned out her mother's hurtful words. Her dad had become her best friend because of the hate her mother gave her. She has always considered her dad her best friend. Closer than ever to her dad, tragic had to strike. Her father had died and now Eleanor felt lonelier than ever. This shook her for a very long time and was very lonely. As persistent as she is, she brushed this adversity off and moved along in life.


The movie Rudy, based off a true story, was a very inspiring story of a small kid from Juliet, Illinois. He was always told that he couldn't play football, that he wasn't good enough, tall enough, or strong enough. As adherent as he is, he made sure to fight back against their insulting comments in order to prove his point. He was combative, looking for a battle against someone. Looking to show everyone who ever doubted him how great he could be. He was judged on every little detail, every little decision he made. By making it into the University of Notre Dame, he eloquently spoke to his father of his accomplishment. In complete awe, he shouted to everyone in the mill that his son made it into Notre Dame and made sure everyone knew.