Tokay Gecko

Gabbi A. Kaden C. Gabe D. Curt B. Jake H.

Interesting Fact

In parts of Southeast Asia, tokay geckoes are regarded as harbingers of luck, good fortune, and fertility.


Order: Squamata
Family: Gekkonidae
Genus/species: Gekko Gecko

General Information

Tokay geckos get up to 14" long and are one of the largest geckos alive today. Their eyelids are fused together and transparent. It is believe that they have a "third eye" on the top of their head to help with their coordination. Their skin is soft and it feels velvety. You can tell male from female if their color is more bright. Male often tend to have very bright skin. Tokay geckos cast their tale off in defense if they feel threatened.


Tokay geckos are found from northeast India to the Indo-Australian Archipelago. They are found in rain forests. They like to climb on trees and bask in the sun. They like their humidity between 60-70%. A temperature of between 80-85F with a basking area between 85-95F is best during the day and a temperature drop of about 10F at night.


Tokays will eat any insect that they can. Mealworms and crickets are the most common. Young geckos should be fed 1-3 small crickets everyday and as they get bigger you can move to 4-6 crickets 3 times a week. You should feed them both mealworms and crickets to make sure they receive the proper nutrients. Once every week you should powder the crickets with calcium containing D3. This will help with bone growth and defend against a calcium deficiency. Be sure that it contains D3 or else the geckos will not be able to absorb it.


Tokays do not like to be handled often. They have a bite and are known to be aggressive. If they bark at you when you are trying to handle them you should put him back down and try another time. They are very temperament.