Josh's Game of Life

By: Josh Phakvang

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I chose the Bachelor's Degree because I want a decent amount of money after I get out of high school.The total cost for the Bachelor's Degree is $120,000. I will pay 80% of my cost and get a 40% grant. So my total monthly payment is $316.


I chose to be a Computer Engineer due to my Bachelor's Degree.


I bought a small house which cost $175,000

My total monthly morgage payment is $1,356.25


My total utilities cost $166 each month


I chose to go for the lowest price there is, so my total $436.15

Life Events

  • Need to make car repairs= -$160
  • Need to make home repairs= -370
  • Win the lottery= +$200
  • Get a bonus at work= +$500
  • Win a bet with a friend= +100
  • Sell some old toys = +90


my remaining balance for the end of my 6th month will be around $2,000.

Over my 40-year projected wealth will be around $150,000.