Bridal Boutique

Lorine Pluimer & Hope Roe

The best bridal boutique around!

The Median Income of a Wells County resident is around $49,050 on this salary it is hard for parents and bride to be's to spend hundreds of thousands on dresses. Our prices can't be beat and they won't be paying as much in gas prices for the trip since our store is locally owned. With a low commerical property tax rate of 5.8% the store was a steal and our location is a beautiful plot.

Why Wells County?

25% of Wells County Residents are under the age of 18 which is either the age of prom or bridal age. This is good for the business in the long run.

Advantages to this region: Open Space, lots of land for sale, cheaper prices on space compared to big cities, friendly people, and willing workers

Our awesome products:

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Located in the roaring green fields of Wells County. Small community oriented shop with friendly workers and easy directions.