Jocelyn Cabrera Period 9

My Career

Why I want to be a Nutritionist is because I love to be healthy and I like helping others and making people feel good about themselves. Also what inspired me was seeing how society tries to look good and I want to be part of helping people feel confident and they can feel healthy and look good too.

Career Details


Average in the United States would be 48,000. But with more experience, education, and location it could go up to 58,000. Per hour would be 25.60.

Average hours/ Working schedule.

Would be on the job so basically 7 days a week from 7 am to 4 depends where you actually work and how you work.

Working Location.

The location would be depending what field which can be sports which is my option or in hospitals nursing homes. Also spending time on your feet and being active. Some like to be in an office but like I said you can decide what you want to do.

Duties/ Responsibilities!

To help others on their lifestyle with what they need to eat also build a guide for people, athletics on how they can consume the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and count their calories. Also to make a simple and healthy life for society make a treatment plan.

Duties would be to help people with their eating disorders and assistants for patients. Another thing would be able to deal with emotions of others and how to help.


Have a 4 year degree and also depending what you are majoring in having to take classes in biology , chemistry, food nutrition medical training. A bachelors degree is what's mainly needed. In some states you may need to register to the state to have permission.

Skills required!

Knowledge of Food and is what makes you successful for the future. Also having the ability to work with people and behavior. Another would be know your way around a computer! One more would be organization skills by keeping track with your patients and keeping up to date with them.

Job outlook/Growth.

Employment are said to be growing 9 percent from 2006 to 2016. Also to be registered by the state and have a license. So this job has a good chance in being easy to find!


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