My November promo is a GIVEAWAY!

Let's set you up with FREE KEEP!

WINNER, WINNER TURKEY DINNER! My November KEEP promo is a GIVEWAY! Why enter instead of hosting a social? Even the lowest prize is equal to the hostess rewards for a $200 social, but most are MORE and there is NO 4 order minimum! Prizes will be drawn at random and are as follows:

1. $100 in KEEP credit

2. $75 in KEEP credit

3. $25 in KEEP credit + 1 half-price item

4. $25 in KEEP credit + 1 half-price item

5. $25 in KEEP credit + 1 half-price item

6. 1 half-price item

PLUS, for every $100 of orders collected over the $200 minimum, each qualifying GOBBLER will have their name entered for a BONUS KEEP credit drawing!

Email me to enter! There can only be 6 Gobblers, so don’t miss out!

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