The Persuasive Perch

Harlem Murray Pre-Ap Biology April 10, 2014


Today, students will learn the importance of perch, humans impact on them and some ecological adaptations. Students will also learn about the perch's trophic level, habitat, and even take a glance at the endocrine system of the perch.

Background Information

The perch is a common freshwater gamefish with the most variation found in North America. They are apart of the kingdom Animalia and under the phylum Chordata. Many gamefish resemble the perch but their are actually only three species of perch in the entire world. They are actually mostly characterized for being fresh water fish
Perch Dissection.wmv

Circulatory System

Perches have a low pressure, single loop meaning there is only one direction that blow flows, using the heart as a pump. Deoxygenated blood is pumped through the heart to the gills where it will have oxygen added to it. Then the oxygenated blood goes straight to the body, thus completing one circuit.