Christopher Marlowe

A Renaissance author.


Christopher Marlowe had a very important impact. He greatly influenced Shakespeare. and Shakespeare later became the greatest playwright. Which impacted today's English writing.


  • He received a bachelors degree of arts and then later received a master degree in arts
  • Attended lessons at school and he wasn't officially enrolled yet
  • in Cambridge he received a scholarship given to most talented students


  • He was first to make the first significant advances in tragedy
  • Both parts of "Tamburlaine the great" by far are the most powerful that had yet been created in England
  • First English playwright to reveal the full potential of dramatic blank verse
  • In 1587 he became associated with Lord Admiral's company of players

Intersesting Information

His works

  • Tamburlaine the great: part 2- Bloody Conquests of Mighty Tamburlaine
  • The Jew of Malta
  • Hero and Leander
  • Edward II
  • The Massacre

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