The Triton Tribune - Parent Edition

Be Kind ~ Be Awesome ~ Make The Right Choices

Volume 2 ~ Issue 14 ~ November 2, 2020

Amazing Triton Parents and Guardians,

31 Days and counting....

You are reading this correctly. We are exactly one month away from completing Semester 1.

This Friday, November 6, you will have the opportunity to have seen your children's progress report 2 grades. They will be in the Grades tab in Campus Portal. To access the portal, click on one of the links for instructions on how to get into the portal [English] [Spanish].

I hope that you will be able to discuss what that means and how do your children proceed as they finish this semester. Remember, a progress report is a one-time snapshot of their academic progress. If the report is pointing toward a successful academic ending, then have a discussion with your children on how to maintain those grades especially during a busy holiday season. If the report is showing concerns that your children may not finish the semester strong, then have a discussion about a plan of improvement. I know it is difficult for us, parents, to give our children the independence of planning, but self-advocacy is one of the most important life skills, we can teach our children.

Furthermore, learning to successfully struggle is a critical component in learning. Jo Boaler, the leading mathematics education researcher in the world, wrote in her book, Limitless Mind, that mistakes and struggles are essential to brain growth and connectivity. She states in a recent article [link] that struggle and mistakes is "freeing."

My question to you this week is this, "How do we teach our children to love struggle and to develop self-advocacy at the same time WITHOUT us taking over?" This is the work we must do for the next 31 days.

Also, this newsletter includes information on all available academic support for your children. This includes the onsite support for the most at-risk students that will be made available on November 9. Students will be identified using various metrics.

November brings about our next Triton Trait: GRATITUDE. In her 16 years of Research, Brene Brown, researcher on vulnerability, courage, empathy and shame, discovered that people who were joyful actively practiced gratefulness. She concluded that practicing gratitude invites joy in our lives. As a family, I would like to challenge you to actively practice gratitude for the month of November and journal what each of you were grateful for daily. By the end of November, I would love to hear stories of how joy has permeated your home.

ELM District Parent Advisory Committee Representative:

Parents, we are in need of a parent to represent ELM at the District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC). If you would like more information or would like to represent our school, please email our SSC Chairperson, Ms. Bolles at

ELM Spirit Gear Purchase Window Is Open Again:

Tritons! The online spirit gear store at Next Day Printed Tees is open again! Orders can be placed on until November 30th. Expected completion date of items is December 15th (the week before Winter Break). Paid shipping or free customer pickup at NDPT available.

Below are slides and video information that are pertinent to the week. They appear in this order:

1. Red Ribbon Week Video In Review

2. Available Academic Support

~Available Daily Support

~English 8 Tutoring

~Virtual Math Tutoring Schedule

~Virtual 7th Grade Science Tutoring Schedule

~ELM Teachers Distance Learning Dashboard

3. Coffee With the Principal Progress Report 2

4. ELM Artist of the Week

5. Triton Of The Week Nominations

6. November Triton Trait: Gratitude

~Gratitude Quotes

~Brene Brown on Gratitude

7. Yearbook Submission Request: Dia De Los Muertos

8. ASB Activities This Week

~Candy Tower Challenge

~Purple Pride Club

~Eastlake Middle School Gear - Round 2

9. Important Schedule Date Changes

10. Meal Distribution Announcement

11. Attendance Clearance Form

12. Genus Bar Teachers Support Form

13. ELM Parent Restorative Practices Request Form

14. ELM Technology Support Line

Finally, please refer to the website for updates. We update it on a daily basis.

Let's have an amazing week!

Mrs. Finley

red ribbon highlight

Students, teachers will be submitting your Progress Report 2 Grades this Wednesday. Remember, this is just a snapshot of your grades. THESE ARE NOT FINAL SEMESTER GRADES. It is possible that by the time your grades appear on Friday, November 2, your grades might have already changed. You will be able to see your grades on Campus Portal.

You have six weeks to improve your grades if they are not the grades that you want to have in the end. Please use all the available academic support that ELM has to offer. Check the picture slides below to see how you can access them.


  1. Office Hours and Asynchronous Sessions [See slide below]
  2. English 8 Tutoring [Click on this link to access the meeting codes]
  3. Virtual Math 7 and 8 Tutoring [See slide below]
  4. Virtual 7th Grade Science Tutoring [See slide below]


In the works are several plans to bring a select group of the most at-risk students on campus to provide them the support they need. Students who are identified will be asked if they are willing to attend the online support tutoring that has been identified for them. Below are a few of the tutoring cohorts that are being considered, not to exceed 10% of our student population and will be limited by the number of teachers and instructional assistants who have volunteered to come in and provide the support.

Possible Cohorts (Each cohort cannot exceed 14 students):

  1. During the Day Tutoring (the top 14 students who are most at-risk)
  2. During the Day Tutoring for the Moderate Program
  3. After School Spanish Tutoring (Each Spanish teacher will recommend their top 2 most needy students in their Spanish classes)
  4. After School General Tutoring (3 cohorts)

Not all students will be able to access the onsite support, so it is important that you access all available virtual support. Don't wait until weeks from now to get caught up. This is your part in learning how to regulate your actions so that you develop your self-control.

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Coffee With the Principal Progress Report 2

This Thursday, there will be two Coffee With the Principal Parent Meeting; one at 10am and the other at 6pm. Follow the instructions below to join. See you then.

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November Triton Trait: Gratitude

The Triton Trait for October is Gratitude. "Life is better when you develop an attitude of gratitude." Lewis Howes. This means making it a habit to express thankfulness and appreciation for both the big and small things alike in your life.

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Brene Brown on joy and gratitude
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Candy Tower Challenge

Are you a budding architect or you just like to have fun? Here is a chance for you to build a tower made of candy. Submit a video of you building your candy tower to
Candy Tower Challenge

Purple Pride Club

This video is brought to you by ELM's Purple Pride Club. We want to promote awareness and acceptance of the LGBTQ community and ALL people. Thanks for watching!

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Please note there is a major change for the veteran holiday schedule for the week. Eastlake High has adopted the A-B-H-A-B schedule. Since both schools share families and share teachers, ELM will also change its Thursday schedule from B (Periods 4, 5, 6) to A (Periods 1, 2, 3) and Friday schedule from F (Periods 1-6) to Schedule B (Periods 4, 5, 6). Thank you for your understanding and don't forget to add to your family calendar.
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Meal Distribution Information

If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, weekly meals are available for you and your family

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ELM Attendance Clearance Form

Click on the title bar to access the Attendance Clearance Form to clear your children's absences. Absences NOT CLEARED within 30 days will be changed to TRUANT.

Genius Bar Support Form

Do you need technology help. Genius Bar is available from 3:30pm - 4:30pm. Complete the form by clicking on the title bar. A Genius Bar Teacher will call you.

ELM Parent Restorative Practices Request Form

Parents, if your children are experiencing high stress, please click on the title to access the request form. Ms. Quinn will call you to discuss your request.

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